Aut/Win 2012 King Apparel

As winter approaches here in the UK the aut/win clothing ranges start to arrive and one of the first with their split delivery meaning clothing suitable for the UK’s autumn weather is King Apparel.

King Apparel are one of the UKs foremost premium streetwear brands remaining resolute as ever; to develop and grow a clothing brand independently, run by those who live and breath the culture; to create cutting edge design; to deliver impeccable quality and to retain the utmost integrity at every point.  Keeping things exclusive with a maximum of 300 pieces or less produced in each garment and a no re-runs or repeats philosophy to retain exclusivity.

With that King Apparel have covered many bases this season with a pricepoint denim coming in at under £55 the Athelstan is set to sell out instantly.   Made with the same care and quality of all King garments the Athelstan is setting a new standard, matt black King buttons on the fly, leather K logo patch on the right rear pocket and tan embroidered triple stitch on the rear pockets, these bad boys have been manufactured to perform and sell.

Along with denim King have produced some custom, cut and sew crew neck sweat shirts in classic colour combinations and killer designs, The Prestige with the King lion head logo sells out every season and this year comes in the new exclusive colour Baby Blue.  That is supported by what will become classic designs Reign Supreme no fifty shades of grey here just athletic grey with a yellow print and the new East London Kings in Navy with blue print or bad boy black and orange, if you know your culture you will get these designs.

Enough of the classics I said King had covered all the bases and here’s my key piece and whilst others in the streetwear business are playing safe King drop the Duck Camo Rain Mac, BOOM!!!! I love this piece and will be rocking mine any day.  King started from scratch and designed the camo and had the fabric produced before they perfected this jacket.  I know King Apparel and I have one of their jackets that I wear everyday in the cold morning walking my dogs, it performs and I know the Duck Camo RainMac will too and not only that it looks very, very, VERY cool, sorry did I repeat myself there 😉

Of course you can get all these pieces plus more from King Apparel and all your other favourite urban streetwear brands from the only place to shop online since 1999 and still keeping it UK and independent all the way.

Bathing Ape vrs Nintendo

We just came across some streetwear news doubt these babies will reach the UK but it’s worth a look, bet you’ll find fakes on e-bay;-(
Bathing Ape vrs Nintendo @

Bathing Ape, or Bape for short, is a Japanese street-wear clothing company owned by music producer Nigo that caters to young, fashion-savvy urban youth who apparently have way too much money to burn. A couple months ago, the company collaborated with Nintendo to create an exclusive (and subsequently, very rare) Nintendo DS ($167) bedazzled with Mario and the now famous BAPE logo.

Now they’re releasing a line of T-shirts and fleece sweatshirts for their fans who just can’t get enough of high-priced gear. The “Mario to Milo” series will feature Nintendo’s classic Italian plumber and Bape’s favorite monkey, Milo. The prints will be prominently featured on crew-neck sweatshirts, hoodies, and T-shirts alike, and will be available at various online retailers starting at a surprisingly affordable $175. Wait a second, $175 for a white T-shirt?

Urban Outfitters terminology

urban outfitters

urban outfitters

If your looking for an urban outfitters best know your terms and be sure you don’t get too confused or hung up on what they are calling streetwear, urban wear, hip hop clothing or whatever the new term is. Enter the mysterious world of the urban outfitter and their terminology at your peril and with a large dose of salt (where does that phrase come from).

Urban clothing fashion is constantly in change but it still instantly allows you to recognise a cultural group within an urban city and this is not a new phenomenon ie skinheads in 1969, or teddy boys in the 50’s. Streetwear has become a general term for any kind of fashion developed in an urban environment aka on the street, instead of in some fashion design house for sale in many of the urban outfitters.

Traditional urban street wear evolved from the inner cities of New York, London, Tokyo and other majors. Common aspects of traditional street wear include sneakers, baggy jeans, and darker colours but regional trends such as London’s Nu Rave scene do buck this trend.

Hip hop fashion, developed in the 80’s, as one type of urban clothing, often confused with traditional street wear, as urban outfitters often sell this kind of clothing alongside each other, developing and sometimes confusing the idea of street wear.

So when you are referring to street wear, some may assume you are talking about the traditional idea. Urban wear has been influenced strongly by the attitude and art found in the cities that it has developed in. In places like New York and Detroit, you will find urban wear that draws heavily from graffiti art as a source of inspiration. On the west coast, hip hop can be cited as a major influence of fashion, and Japan has games and anime to thank for much of it’s urban fashion. So street wear is a broad ideal, is a worldwide trend and is multi-fasicited but you can bet whatever the trend you will find it in your local urban outfitters.

More clarification on the phrase Urban Clothing

The Urban Shop have this theme going on and are regularly dropping articles like this that poke fun almost at the way the industry and media like to give things names which are in the main meaning less and usually pointless, that said they do make interesting reading
Original Post

At the start of the decade, hip-hop was on fire. Record sales were booming, chart-topping artists seemed to pop up daily and the music generated a whole new fashion look. Musicians and producers like Jay-Z, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Beyonc� Knowles and 50 Cent were eager to extend their brands into apparel, spawning labels such as G-Unit, Rocawear and Sean John. The result was what seemed to be a newly formed urban clothing sector, boosting the industry’s revenues by millions.
Today, record sales are plummeting and many music artists’ lines are struggling. As hip-hop’s popularity has dropped, so has that of the clothing brands that rode the wave, rapper 50 Cent and Marc Ecko parted ways on the G-Unit brand, and independent urban clothing stores have either shutting or being scaled down.

Urban Clothing, Streetwear or Street wear somebodys confused

Our mates over at The Urban Shop wrote this post and we found it amusing so take a read, it’s kinda funny, interesting and informative all at the same time and poking fun somewhere.

The media loves to give everything a name hoodies for example that took the name of an harmless piece of clothing and attached it to a new for gangs of kids not realising what bad press they were giving the garment even to the extreme that certain big shopping centers banned the wearing of hoodies on their premises, but at least they had a new box to put people into. Then a long comes the internet harmless in it’s self but a new generation sprung up who are wanting to search and buy online and how do they find what they are looking for keywords so once again adding to the confusion of our language. So where’s this leading? Well here it can get confusing take the hoodie example we sell them and people search for them but are they looking to buy a hoodie or are they looking for information on hoodie gangs? Who knows but it does get complicated.

Let’s take a new and common phrase “urban clothing” what the hell does that mean?

Urban – a built up area
Clothing – something you wear

So if that’s it where’s the confusion? I think the phrase urban clothing became associated with the hip hop clothing scene a while back and when some people search for urban clothing they are meaning hip hop clothing brands like Ecko, Fubu, Mecca and Sean John but then aren’t we at danger of putting people in boxes do people who are into hip hop only wear hip hop related clothing brands? I think the answer is complex I think certain artists and lets use hip hop as the example have an alliance or connection with certain clothing brand take G-Unit both a hip hop group and a clothing label or Sean John or as we know him P Diddy unless he’s changed it again. Then we have companies that grow up in the hip hop era like Ecko and Mark Ecko the founder as probably had his clothes on the back of every major hip hop artist for the last decade helping to create that link between his clothing company and hip hop.

So we can see some connection there between urban clothing and hip hop but could equally be called city clothing hey a city is urban init? And not every person in any given city is gonna dress the same hell they aint even gonna be dressing in the same style so saying urban clothing is hip hop clothing is wrong but there is a connection but equally urban clothing could be skate clothing, indie clothing, retro clothing so I think we are getting the point that urban clothing is just a name used as a container for just about any style of clothing that we wanna chuck in there and then just as you are getting used to it along comes street wear or is it streetwear is that clothing you wear in the street as opposed to in bed I dunno probably just a new box for marketers to repackage there old clothing companies.

BAPE store opened in Harajuku

The whole Bape thing seemed to have slowed down but over in Japan they’ve opened another store check the interior out
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The streetwear world is all a twitter today because a new BAPE store opened in Harajuku. The store, designed by WonderWall is a glass enclosed marvel and the interior is� riot of colour and pattern. A quote from the WonderWall web site describes the space: ” For the Bape store, after discussions with Nigo, we decided to create a store that felt like a town within a building with an American diner flair. However, for the top floor, a sense of playfulness was added with a colonial style resort inspired space.”

10 Deep Spring 08

10Deep are a pretty cool streetwear company maybe a bit too cool for themselves I know people who saw them at US shows and they were just ignoring customers and playing table tennis. We know people that wont deal with them due to their attitude but here’s some of the US product that may hit UK Street wear shops soon
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10 Deep has just shipped out their selection of outer wear for the Spring ’08 season. Complete with sweaters, jeans, m-65, a tactical jacket, some hoodies, and a nice baseball jacket.

Addict Clothing the birth of British Streetwear

Since our post on the Addict Star Wars t-shirts we have had a few requests for a bio about The Addict Clothing Co. so here it is:

Addict clothing was started by two like minded guys back in 1996. One spotted the other wearing a Stussy t-shirt in a pub and the two got chatting. Over the following months they worked on fashionable t-shirt designs all on white except for the ones they dyed in a washing machine at home. Addict clothing was born! In the time from then till now Addict has grown from a small idea to a fully fledge street wear fashion label with worldwide clothing distribution.

Still based in Southampton, UK, Addict represents some of best home grown clothes designed products. They also sponsor all the right people from skaters, snowboarders to musicians including British MC Rodney P.