LATE & MANNY MOSCOW – Underground Exposure Volume Seven

Manny Moscow

LATE’s back with another instalment of his well respected and long running mixtape series ‘Underground Exposure’. Exposing underground talent is something LATE has been doing for years as co-CEO of Wolftown Recordings and co-editor of Rago Magazine. LATE set the underground alight with his excellent ‘Below Street Level’ album which features the likes of Willie D from The Geto Boys, JT The Bigga Figga, K-Rino, KB Da Kidnappa, Geezy from Fendi Boys (Thizz World), Dope-E, Jai Boo and more.

‘Underground Exposure Volume 7’ sees LATE from Wolftown Recordings team up with London rapper Manny Moscow who is making serious moves with his debut mixtape with Tricksta and UK Runnings called ‘Live From The Kremlin’. This twenty track audio excursion that features a string of well known names such as K-Rino, Big Narstie, Lord Infamous, Chamillionaire, TBear, Mouths Of Da Souf, as well as some cutting edge new material from the likes of Gonja, Streetz, Pink Gator, Stunna Boyz, Fat B, Throwed Minded Click, as well as brand new exclusives from LATE and Manny Moscow.

Fusing the UK with the South, this mixtape is already being bumped in various cities around the world and is an excellent enjoyable listen. Please take the time out to download the mixtape and if possible add the link to your website or blog. Please send us the link back if you can so we know you are supporting us! Thanks in advance for time and support.

01 – Manny Moscow – Growin Up
02 – Grandaddy Souf Speaks
03 – LATE Feat K-Rino – Living Dead
04 – Big Narstie – Hip Hops A Minor
05 – Stunna Boyz – Superstar
06 – Lord Infamous, II Tone & T Rock Feat Chamillionaire – Love My Whip
07 – Chamillionaire Speaks
08 – Fat B – Man Out In Dallas
09 – Gonja – Another Dead Ni–a
10 – TBear – This Is All That Matters
11 – Throwed Minded Click – Hop N Da Chevy
12 – Manny Moscow Feat LATE – Wiv Da Brave
13 – Pink Gator – Beat Steady Knockin
14 – Streetz – Funds
15 – LATE – H.U.S.T.L.E.R
16 – LATE – Swang
17 – Manny Moscow – Warm Auras
18 – Mouths Of Da Souf – Candy Blue
19 – LATE Feat Willie D – Its Nothin (DJ Kreep Chopped & Screwed Mix)
20 – Manny Moscow – Outro

LATE & MANNY MOSCOW – Underground Exposure Volume 7


LATE from Wolftown Interview

Late from Wolftown gives an exclusive interview to our mates at TheUrbanShop that was used on the dvd “100% Exclusive”. Late is member of the South Park Coalition ( SPC) and this video as clips from his music videos “They Don’t want To See Me Blow” and “I’m A Saint I’m A Sinner” ft K Rino, KB Da Kidnappa.


RAPPER K – Long Time Coming

RAPPER K - Long Time Coming

RAPPER K - Long Time Coming

RAPPER K – Long Time Coming (Black Book International USA – Album)

Rapper K is the latest member of South Park Coalition to drop a full-length album. ‘Long Time Coming’ is a fifteen track album mostly produced by ex-Rap-A-Lot Records artist Dope-E. Now I’m a be honest, Rapper K’s flow and style is kind of basic, don’t expect mad fast double-tempo flows, also don’t expect lyrics of materialism either, as this is straight uplifting, knowledge ridden positive Hip-Hop. It does show however show great crossover potential with jazz-fused cuts like ‘Live And Learn’ and ‘I’ll Get Back To You’. The biggest cut on this album though has to be ‘South Park’ where Rapper K goes hard alongside SPC veterans like K-Rino, Klondike Kat and Dope-E. Thugstar and Murder One also kill it on ‘Hit The Highway’ and K-Rino on ‘I Ain’t No Gangsta’ is something else! This album is a well rounded debut from Rapper K and is another notch on SPC’s belt. Good music with stamina.

Rapper K
South Park Coalition

Review by Phillip Gates

LATE Feat K-RINO & KB DA KIDNAPPA “I’m A Saint, I’m A Sinner”

From his humble beginnings in the well-respected rap crews VILLAINS and WOLFTOWN COMMITTEE, LATE has carved his own niche. In 2004 he released his debut EP ‘International Rhyme Spittin’ which included the infamous ‘Open Mic Session’ track which featured 50 rappers, and then followed that release with a string of excellent mixtapes ‘The Villainous One’ in 2005, ‘Englishman In New York’ in 2006 and ‘The CEO’s Edition’ with New York rapper GEOLANI in 2007, and more recently ‘Two Thousand And LATE’ in 2008. LATE has featured on over two hundred underground releases, and is the CEO & founder of Wolftown Recordings and RAGO Magazine, as well as being an official member of Houston’s legendary rap movement SOUTH PARK COALITION (SPC).

LATE now unleashes the first single from his debut album ‘Below Street Level’, a collection of fourteen tracks produced by his long-time beat-maker TRICKSTA. This track has already been licensed to Hip-Hop Connection’s forthcoming compilation ‘Recognition 20 Years’, which is a collection of fire-starting UK Rap Anthems which also features the likes of Demon Boyz, MC Duke, Roots Manuva, Rodney P, Blak Twang, Blade, Klashnekoff, Jehst, Skinnyman and many more. The video for this track also features on various forthcoming DVD’s and is soon to be aired on all the urban TV channels.