Hatcha Interview

Interview with dubstep artist Hatcha plus there’s a nice little link at the bottom(on original interview) for you to download a dubstep mix he did for ATM
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“Sitting there flicking through tunes, picking out ones that were all similar, I started piecing all these together into sets and at the same time, while I’m doing that you’ve got Benga and Skream bringing their own interpretation of it. So yeah, I was piecing together everyone’s stuff and trying to form something.” That ‘something’ turned out to be dubstep.

Hatcha’s story is a classic one: a young gun calls up a pirate and through shear chops gets a set DJ playing garage on south London pirate. A job behind the counter of the legendary Big Apple Record shop in Croydon fuels his obsession for the dark garage coming from the likes of EL-B, Zed Bias, Oris Jay, Arwork and Benny Ill. A flock of local, freakishly in tune, yet brutally raw producers feed their latest creation to him, which he in turn channels through a residency at new underground night Forward, providing the perfect platform to forge the nascent sound of esoteric, no frills garage coined dubstep.

Skream in The Sun

Is Dubstep really that big now that we see it in The Sun? Anyway they do manage to chat with Skream and plug a few names, names and radio stations so check out the complete article and check his picture he look 12, I need to stay up all night in clubs djing if that’s what it does for you.
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Star in the making ... Skream

Starting out life as reggae-influenced garage in the late nineties, it has
slowly morphed into its current state as a genre that draws on a variety of
different musical influences, from jazz and electro, to indie and hip hop.

One of the key players in the dubstep scene is SKREAM (AKA Ollie
Jones), a prolific DJ/producer hailing from Croydon.

“Apart from myself, key players in the scene would have to be KODE9,
PLASTICIAN…that’s just the ones I can think of off the top of my

“Club-wise you’ve got Stealth in Nottingham, the Tuesday club in
Sheffield, the West Indian Centre in Leeds, Mass in Brixton, and Forward at
Plastic People in Shoreditch.”

Dubstep resource

a great little dubstep resource site and it’s kept relevant by us so get on it
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Dubstep’s early roots are in the more experimental releases of UK garage producers, seeking to incorporate elements of dub reggae into the South London-based 2-step sub-genre. These experiments often ended up on the B-side similar to what happened with dub and reggae.