Donnie Propa Mix

A little mix from Donnie Propa that goes from UK hip hop to dubstep in one fell swoop.

1. Rodney P, Dynamite MC and Tali – Its On
2. Phi – Life Cypher – Cordless Mics At 20 Paces
3. Jehst – Lines Of Defence
4. Hoodz Underground – Pass The Mic
5. Cappo – Underground
6. Fallacy and Fusion – The Groundbreaker
7. TRG – Oi! Killa!
8. Distance – V
9. Rukus, TY, Klashnekoff and Yogi – Let It Go (Remix)
10. Benny Page – Swagger
11. Benga – 26 Basslines
12. High Rankin – No Money For Guns
13. Stenchman – The Taste Of Vomit
14. Joker – Snake Eater
15. Flying Lotus – $tunt$




Huddersfield born Emcee/Producer Asaviour aka Savvy has single handily cemented himself as one of the strongest artists within the UK Hip Hop scene today. With a fresh original approach to rhyming, an untouchable flow with a twist on content and how it’s delivered sets him apart from most of his more “traditional” counterparts. In 2007 he branched out with his own label “Saving Grace Music” to showcase “the future sounds” that were progressing from his stable. His productions skills place him far ahead of the pack and have taken him out of the hip hop scene allowing him to collaborate with a number of major artists in the music industry for instance: Claudia Kennaugh, Neon Hitch, Kevin Walls, Athlete and Supa Dark and many more.

DJ IQ is a DMC Champ from Northwest London he has made a transition from Dj to Super Producer and has been making huge waves in the scene. This man has been making beats for practically every gifted artist in this country supplying production to Dubbledge, Asaviour, Verb T, Kashmere, Skrien, Graziella, Jehst, Tranqill and many more.

His “Live from the sofa” LP has gone down a storm, receiving rave reviews from Mojo, Dazed & Confused, Hip Hop Connection, DJ Mag and many others.

“The A Loop Theory” is a collaborative project between Asaviour & DJ IQ who has combined both their production skills with an album of epic proportions to create an eclectic sounds cape rooted in Hip Hop but incorporating Soul, Funk, Electronica, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Grime, Dubstep and R&B.

The A loop Theory boasts a staggering list of guest vocals from, Kashmere, Kyza, Pride, TB, Dubbledge, Graziella, Thabo, Jehst and Verb T.

Please find attached to this email the radio version of the track “Beefy” which has garnered heavy support and rotation from: BBC 1Xtra’s Sarah Love and Mista Jam, Kiss FM’s Big Ted, Shortee Blitz and DJ MK. Adele Roberts from Rock FM DJ Kayper and DJ Nonames from BBC Asian Network, Freestyle from Galaxy FM and Alexander Nut from Rinse FM.

This album takes risks, pushes boundaries and experiments with sounds which aren’t normally heard in a hip hop song but somehow they work.

It’s a huge leap forward musically and lyrically, another bench mark has been set, the envelope has been pushed, Prepare yourself for:

Released Monday 23rd March 2009

SIR SMURF LIL – A New Bloodline

SIR SMURF LIL’A New Bloodline’

SIR SMURF LIL’A New Bloodline’

SIR SMURF LIL – A New Bloodline (YNR Productions)

Sir Smurf from The Colony comes with his second album entitled “A New Bloodline”. Beats come courtesy of some of the UK’s biggest names including Jehst, LG, Apa-Tight and Beat Butcher. Standout tracks include the massive ‘That Sound’ which features Big Cakes and TB Tuberculosis and ‘Words Are Weapons’, and guest appearances by the likes of Kashmere, Dubbeledge and Scratch Pervert DJ Mr. Thing also give the album a certain finesse. Smurf’s style is so diverse and on this album he steps on so many different grooves showing not on is he talented but also versatile. Another commendable release from YNR!

Sir Smurf

Review by Tricksta

LATE Feat K-RINO & KB DA KIDNAPPA “I’m A Saint, I’m A Sinner”

From his humble beginnings in the well-respected rap crews VILLAINS and WOLFTOWN COMMITTEE, LATE has carved his own niche. In 2004 he released his debut EP ‘International Rhyme Spittin’ which included the infamous ‘Open Mic Session’ track which featured 50 rappers, and then followed that release with a string of excellent mixtapes ‘The Villainous One’ in 2005, ‘Englishman In New York’ in 2006 and ‘The CEO’s Edition’ with New York rapper GEOLANI in 2007, and more recently ‘Two Thousand And LATE’ in 2008. LATE has featured on over two hundred underground releases, and is the CEO & founder of Wolftown Recordings and RAGO Magazine, as well as being an official member of Houston’s legendary rap movement SOUTH PARK COALITION (SPC).

LATE now unleashes the first single from his debut album ‘Below Street Level’, a collection of fourteen tracks produced by his long-time beat-maker TRICKSTA. This track has already been licensed to Hip-Hop Connection’s forthcoming compilation ‘Recognition 20 Years’, which is a collection of fire-starting UK Rap Anthems which also features the likes of Demon Boyz, MC Duke, Roots Manuva, Rodney P, Blak Twang, Blade, Klashnekoff, Jehst, Skinnyman and many more. The video for this track also features on various forthcoming DVD’s and is soon to be aired on all the urban TV channels.

Braintax – My Last and Best Album Download

bit on controversy with this bit of uk hip hop being such a new release and it up for free download so grab it while you ca, dont forget to go the the original post for download
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Third and last album from the owner of the Low Life label, the brains behind projects from Rodney P, SkinnyMan, Jehst and of course his own Panorama and Biro Funk albums.
The man who almost single-handedly ran the business of UK Hip Hop bows out and leaves the country.

Asaviour Interview

Showing some hip hop love to Asaviour with a little interview here. Good to see UK Hip Hop artists getting home support
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Born and raised in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, emcee / producer Asaviour has spent the last decade on a constant grind to reach the upper echelons of the UK rap game. Debuting back in 1999 on fellow Northerner Jehst’s first release “Premonitions”, the wily wordsmith has amassed an impressive discography, collaborating with a long list of Brit-Hop figures such as Ghost, Braintax, Tommy Evans and Kyza.
2006 saw Asaviour’s hard work pay off with Low Life Records releasing his full-length project “The Borrowed Ladder”, an album that fully captured Savvy’s artistic potential, combining his unapologetic Northern delivery with off-the-wall humour, worldly subject matter and true-school beats.