Adidas Imperial Stormtrooper Kicks

Adidas Imperial Stormtropper kicks. You know, so you can run faster when the Federation are after you.
Adidas Imperial Stormtrooper


Vinatge Clothing

Our mate over at THE Urban Shop wrote a blog article “More clarification on the phrase Urban Clothing” the other date that stated “some brands are still growing the secrets of success are clear — they’ve evolved with their customers, integrated themselves into the mix of other brands in department stores and changed with the trends.” And that’s not only true about streetwear brands it’s also applies to retailers and here at THE Urban Shop (not any old urban shop THE) we have changed and chopped our style and delivery since 1999 and I’m sure you will all agree that we now have our fair share of impersonators but what really separates us from the chaff is our ability to see trends and react so behold the new incarnation well little change we are now stocking vintage Levi 501’s, Adidas track Jackets, Lumberjack shirts and UK College t-shirt from as little as £8 and that includes our free delivery and no quibble guarantee beat that or copy us (I bet they do). That said I don’t think any other site is offering free worldwide delivery on all orders so they’ve never copied that.

So vintage clothing why simple and there’s a number of reasons and I think the first has to be:-

“Credit Cash Crunch” many of you are feeling the crunch right now some are students on a limited budget, but you still wanna look cool so what’s wrong with buying pre-owned clothing? Nothing it’s nicely worn in, hey people pay £100’s from brand new vintage Levi 501’s so why not pick up a pair from us for under £20

Exclusive and original clothing that exactly what you are buying when you buy a vintage clothing item as no 2 piece will ever be the same some they may also show signs of wear such as fading and bobbling fabric, printed t-shirts and hoodie designs may be cracked or peeled. It’s these quirks and uniqueness but all the items are wearable and we wont pass anything on in a condition which we wouldn’t wear ourselves.

Buying vintage clothing not only keeps waste to a minimum, but also tackles hot topics such as ‘clothes miles’. Increasing numbers of consumers are becoming aware of the distance their clothes may have to travel across the world to get to stores, and how the carbon emissions produced from this may have implications for the environment.

So that 3 sound reason to buy vintage but here’s a few collectors tips when looking for Levi 501’s and if we spot any of these we wont be passing these on for £20 either;-)

The big “E” between the lat 1930’s to late 60’stags were printed LEVI’S and pairs for the 50’s have been known to sell for over USD3000.

Single stitching on back pockets indicates old jeans.

Check for red stripe selvage on inside of legs as Levi’s stopped this in the 80’s.

Between 1960-65 Levi’s used to rivet the 4 corners of the pockets and the bottom of the zip.

Also look for zinc buttons discontinued in the 50’s, crotch rivet discontinued 1941, buttons instead of belt loops, a buckle on the back of the jeans, leather brand patches.

The Bob Marley Adidas Puma conection

interesting to see the Adidas Puma connection I didn’t realise, and of course you cant beat a bit of retro red, gold and green on your clothing
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The first film focuses on Adi Dassler and there is a very short clip of Bob Marley, a fitting tribute to the singer who was well-known for loving football and wearing Adidas. The campaign is the first by Adidas promoting its Originals lifestyle range, which includes retro products similar to that worn by Marley, either casually or when playing football. He is recognised with the Marley Jacket and the Pro Model Tuff Gong Adidas shoes, but there is also the Pro Model Kingston (shoes) and the Kingston zip jacket.

Sportwear giant, Puma’s association with Jamaica is well known through its sponsorship of national athletics, and a product range that now stretches to fragrance. Adidas and Puma, two of the world’s largest sportswear brands, were founded by German brothers Adi and Rudi Dassler respectively.