Sturban Clothing Podcast with Kulez

Sturban Clothing Podcast
Search for Kulez on You Tube and it will soon become apparent that the Zimbabwean born emcee has already packed in so many punchlines and metaphoric imagery that you wonder how he sustained the intensity for over 100 battles.

Looking forward we are set for a debut solo album for 2011. You won’t hear the eerie baritone hollers of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, but the dubstep and d’n’b influence with a hint of grime and a whole load of hip hop lyricism. At 20 years old, still unsigned, no managers, no booking agents or lawyers the kid is fully independent.

Here we have an exclusive mix for Sturban Clothing mixing styles from all genre’s of UK and the odd US urban music artist, and like the Sturban site and clothing brands this mix is raw, earthy, underground and untamed, it’s of the street and for the street – original since the day we dared be different.

If anybody reading fancies doing a podcast it’s one hour min in mp3 format and supply us with a tracklisting, simple as that we aint exclusive we are happy that if you have a band are a producer, dj or just like music then wack some tracks together and entertain us we wont make fun, we not unless you slip in some S Club 7 tracks. we can supply drops so hit me up glyn[at]

Sublime – Smoke Two Joints
Common – Sweet
Pusha T – Peso Freestyle
Ghetts ft Nelly Furtado – Standing There
Future – Tony Montana
Lady Leshurr – LEGO
Illwill – Verse 6 ft Teckzilla, Mr.Raw, 12gage, M-Trill, Rap6, Boogey
T-Pain – 5 O’Clock ft Wiz Khalifa Lily Allen
Styles P – Harsh ft Busta Rhymes Rick Ross
16bit – Le Hanwell Hustle
Oh My Vs OG 39Z – Run This Town Dream remix
Emeli Sande – Daddy ft Naughty Boy
Giggs ft Kano – Dem Man
Jack Flash – Four Letter F Word
Joker – The Vision ft. Freddie Gibbs & Jessie Ware
Lowkey – Dreamers ft Mai Khalil
Professor Green Ft Fink – Spinning Out
Kano ft Ghetts – House Of Pain
Prime ft The Weeknd – House Of Balloons
Immortal Technique Ft. Joell Ortiz, CF, and Pumpkinhead – Young Lords

PuffPass Podcast


2007 DMC Champ Mashup

Drum & bass, dub step, Hip Hop,Funk, Jazz, Scratch scratching JFB Beardyman Ed solo Mix drum bass jungle classic mega mini hard musical beat juggle cuts cuttin turntabalist turntabalisim.

Contains Tracks & Samples From:


1 :Das EFX – Mic Checka
2 :Dr Dre – Serial Killa
3 :Dr Oxtagon – Bear Witness
4 :Notorious B.I.G – Kick In The Door
5 :Dr Dre – Its Funky Enough
6 :Cut Chemist – Bunky’s Pick
7 :Eric B + Rakim – Paid In Full (Coldcut Remix)
8 :The 45 King – The 900 Number
9 :Tipper – Run For Cover
Bud Bro’s
Maceo & The Macks – Cross The Tracks
10:Dr Dre – The Next Episode
11:J Live – Satisfied
12:Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me
13:Snoop Dogg – Gin & Juice
14:Dr Dre – Natural Born Killz
15:Dr Dre – One Day
16:The Pharcyde – Runnin
17:Old Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
18:Warren G & Nate Dogg – Regulate
House Of Pain – Jump Around
19:Dj Shadow – Organ Donor
20:A Skillz – Got The Rhythm (Feat Beardyman)
Eddie Brickell & New Bohemians – What I Am
21:Slow Down
22:A Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour
23:Dr Dre – What’s The Difference
24:Mobb Deep – Shoock Ones Pt 2
25:Mai & Warheed – Laish Laish Ya Jara

Dubstep – 21.08

26:Crissy Criss – Kick Snare
27:2.GP 002B1
Benga – 26 Blines
Chase & Status – Eastern Jam
Skream – 8 Rutten
Benga – Night
Rusko – Jahova
Skream – Stagger
27:Chase & Status – Saxon
28:Datsix – Gismo
29:JFB & Ed Solo – Mexican
30:JFB & Ed Solo – Atlantis
31:Product 01 – Destruckt (JFB & Marc Adamo Remix)
32:Fugu – Stripper (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
33:Hadouken – Turn The Lights (JFB Remix)
34:Beardyman – Pound The Flesh (JFB Remix)
35:Ed Solo & Deekline – Forgot About Dre
36:CakeBoy – Swamp Thing – (JFB Remix)
37:Party Squad – Murderer (Diplo & Jayou Remix)
38:Mimosa – Sirius
39:Joker – Digidesign
40:Akira Kiteshi – Pinball

Drum&Bass – 40.04

Roni Size & Reprazent – Trust Me
41:Congo Natty – Jungalist
Jonny L – Hurt You So
Alex Reese – Pulp Fiction
Dj SS – Hearing Is Believing (MA2 Rmx)
The Moog – JungleMuffin
Zinc – Supersharp Shooter
P-Funk – P Funk Era
Origin Unkown – Valley Of The Shadows
T Power – Mutant Jazz
Ray Keith – Renegade Terrorist
Original Nutter
Firefox & 4-Tree – Warning
Roni Size – BrownPaperBag
Dj Hype – We Must Unite
M-Beat – Incredible Ft General Levy
New Blood – Worries In The Dance
Dope Skillz – 6 Million Ways To Die
42:Urban Shakedown – Arsonist (Some Justice 95)
43:Dj SS – Lighter (rmx)
Barrington Levy & Beenie Man – Under Mi Sensi
Krome & Time – Ganjaman
44:Adam F – Metropolis
45:Movin Fusion – Turbulence
46:London Elektricity – Billion Dollar Gravy
47:Dom & Roland – Can’t Punish Me
48:Zinc – 174 Trek
Shy Fx & T Power – Shake Your Body
49:Benny Page – Turn Down The Lights
50:Benny Page – Dub Room
51:Ed Solo & Deekline – Top Rankin
52:Ed Solo & Deekline – Bam Bam
53:Dj Deekline – I Don’t Smoke (Ed Solo & Deekline Remix)
54:Ed Solo & Deekline – No No No….
55:Leviticus – The Burial (Logistics Remix)
56:Furlonge – Task Master
57:Wicks – SubTub
58:Alix Perez – Down The Line (Break Remix)
59:Conquering Lion – Code Red (Serial Killaz VIP)
60:Shy Fx – Plastic Soul
61:Zinc – Ready Or Not (2003 Remix)



After setting the international Hip-Hop world alight with his brilliant single ‘I Made It’ we finally get the much anticipated full album release ‘Superstar’ from Californian raised Slickmouth. This is a twenty track album that is definitely going to put Slickmouth where he disorderedly needs to be. He is a talented performer, songwriter and recording artist who is bringing something new and refreshing to the game. As you’ll agree Slickmouth is destined for big things and with support already from DJ’s all over the UK, Belgium, Germany, Croatia and Sweden, as well as support from tastemakers here in the UK and America, its only a matter of time before those A&R’s will be knocking at his door.

LATE – Undiluted Street Music

LATE from Wolftown continues his international quest with this brand new mixtape for the European market by one of Germany’s leading mixtape DJ’s ‘DJ Easy’ from Berlin. This mix has it all and is something I am sure you will agree is going to hit the spot!

01 – LATE & TRICKSTA – Intro
02 – LATE – Just Me (Prod. by TRICKSTA)
03 – LATE – Why You In This
04 – LATE – Supply & Demand (Prod. by TRICKSTA)
05 – LATE Feat D.A. & RAPPER K – The Product (Prod. by LATE & TRICKSTA)
06 – TRICKSTA – Interlude
07 – LATE Feat JAI BOO – Worldwide Grind (Prod. by TRICKSTA)
08 – LATE – Reality Rap (Prod. by TRICKSTA)
09 – LATE Feat RICKY LEE & JAI BOO – Can’t Smile
10 – LATE Feat 40GLOCC – Undiluted Street Music
11 – LATE Feat GEOLANI – Extended Family (Prod. by METRO BEATS)
12 – LATE Feat K-RINO, PROBLEM 13, MIAMI MAC & KUWAIT – Cold World (Prod. by TRICKSTA)
13 – LATE – Straight LATE Spittin
14 – LATE – Interlude
15 – LATE – The Villain Man
16 – LATE Feat JAI BOO – We Stay Hustlin, Grindin
17 – LATE Feat JT THE BIGGA FIGGA – Freestyle
18 – LATE Feat THUGSTAR, MURDER ONE, KUWAIT & JAI BOO – Worldwide Speakers (Prod. by TRICKSTA)
19 – TRICKSTA – Interlude
21 – LATE – Outro

Undiluted Street Music

Style Wars

Style Wars tells the story of the development of New York Graffiti Art during the early 1980’s. It shows the development of the many graffiti letters styles, graffiti artists discussing over graffiti blackbooks and the surrounding cultural development like hip hop breakdance, etc.

The movie features artists like Dondi White, Seen and many more.

Henry Chalfant was the main person to document the development of the New York Graffiti Art movement during the 1970′ and 1980’s. His book Subway Art is recognised as the main source for Graffiti Train Art and Graffiti Letters Styles development.

Watch Style Wars for free on Google Videos

More clarification on the phrase Urban Clothing

The Urban Shop have this theme going on and are regularly dropping articles like this that poke fun almost at the way the industry and media like to give things names which are in the main meaning less and usually pointless, that said they do make interesting reading
Original Post

At the start of the decade, hip-hop was on fire. Record sales were booming, chart-topping artists seemed to pop up daily and the music generated a whole new fashion look. Musicians and producers like Jay-Z, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Beyonc� Knowles and 50 Cent were eager to extend their brands into apparel, spawning labels such as G-Unit, Rocawear and Sean John. The result was what seemed to be a newly formed urban clothing sector, boosting the industry’s revenues by millions.
Today, record sales are plummeting and many music artists’ lines are struggling. As hip-hop’s popularity has dropped, so has that of the clothing brands that rode the wave, rapper 50 Cent and Marc Ecko parted ways on the G-Unit brand, and independent urban clothing stores have either shutting or being scaled down.

UK Hip Hop Rapper LATE

Rare exclusive interview with UK rapper LATE for The Urban Shop
Original Post

Where are you from and what was it like growing up there?
I’m from Wolverhampton AKA Wolftown, The city of broken dreams and failed dodgy schemes its like any other working class area of the UK, I’ve done fair share of dodgyness, been around all the wrong things, lost a lot of people on the way, just like anyone that hasn’t grew up in cotton wool.

How did you get your name and is there a story behind it?

It was my tag back in the day, I was a graffiti artist back in the day, I was all city, I was wanted, my tag was mentioned on the news

Was there a situation or a person who inspired you to rap?
It was a natural progression from dj’ing and mastering the 4 elements of hip hop, B-Boying, graffiti, dj’ing right thru to mc’ing, my first influence to rap was when I heard ICE-T on the song ‘High Rollers’.

Dizzy Rascal EL-P’s

if you follow the link back to the original post there is a link to download this album
Original Post

Even casual grime fans probably heard Dizzee Racal’s Maths + English, released last year on XL Recordings. Now, fresh off a U.S. distro of Mike Ladd’s Nostalgialator,� Def Jux is releasing Maths + English in the States.�
El-P has put together a megamix of some of the original Maths + English songs, as well as the four new tracks on the U.S. version: “Driving With No Where to Go,” “G.H.E.T.T.O.,” a “Pussyole” remix by Pretty Todd, and an El-P mix of “Where da G’s.” �

Dizzee Rascal UK Grime @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire

I wasn’t a big fan of Dizzee I heard his first single and it all sounded the same after that but then whilst in Europe I saw a live performance and man the guy rocks.
Original Post

Dizzee Rascal
He’s been ignored by this week’s Brit Awards, but Dizzee Rascal certainly isn’t lacking mainstream appeal.
Plenty of middle-aged fans actually witnessed this return from the 22-year-old rapper Dylan Mills. Which is surprising because my general experience of grime and UK hip-hop has been that it’s only really listened to on snazzy mobile phones by surly youths at bus stops.