More clarification on the phrase Urban Clothing

The Urban Shop have this theme going on and are regularly dropping articles like this that poke fun almost at the way the industry and media like to give things names which are in the main meaning less and usually pointless, that said they do make interesting reading
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At the start of the decade, hip-hop was on fire. Record sales were booming, chart-topping artists seemed to pop up daily and the music generated a whole new fashion look. Musicians and producers like Jay-Z, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Beyonc� Knowles and 50 Cent were eager to extend their brands into apparel, spawning labels such as G-Unit, Rocawear and Sean John. The result was what seemed to be a newly formed urban clothing sector, boosting the industry’s revenues by millions.
Today, record sales are plummeting and many music artists’ lines are struggling. As hip-hop’s popularity has dropped, so has that of the clothing brands that rode the wave, rapper 50 Cent and Marc Ecko parted ways on the G-Unit brand, and independent urban clothing stores have either shutting or being scaled down.

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