DJ Stivs – THE DSC – GOGO MIX O8 – ragga jungle mix

Ragga Jungle mix cant go wrong in my book get on there and listen
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Here is a new mix from Stivs containing jungle/breakcore remixes of ragga tunes (also known as ragga jungle and raggacore)” by himself and DSC.
This week Stivs is releasing an album called Pirate Cutz on Death$ucker Records. Definitely worth checking out if you are into ragga vibes.

1- Sellassie rmx feat Murray Man- DSC
2- Its a pity rmx feat Tanya Stephens- DSC
3- Hail the king rmx feat Fantom Mojah- DSC
4- Burning an a looting rmx feat Bob Marly-DSC
5- Runaway rmx feat Gentleman- DSC
6- Pirates choice rmx feat Al Campbell- DSC
7- Ruffness rmx feat Daddy Freddy- DSC
8- Special request rmx feat Top Cat- Stivs
9- Jah is love rmx feat Sizzla- DSC
10- Spar stores feat T.O.K- Stivs
11- Dustbinmen feat Capleton + Buru Banton- Stivs
12- What cant i do feat Buju Banton + Cutty Ranks + Capleton- Stivs
13- Babylon a listen feat Sizzla- Stivs
14- Finominal 1 feat Buru Banton- Stivs
15- I aint working no more feat Mr Vegas- Stivs
16- Strangers- Stivs
17- Dem a bad feat capleton- DSC

Hoonboy live at Audacious club Edinburgh

to be honest I cant comment as I just agree with everything they’ve already said. Another great set from Hoonboy. This time it is a recorded set from the Audacious club in Edinburgh 18/04/08. A little bit of dubstep in this one, but mostly ragga jungle / raggacore and breakcore love
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01. vex’d – lion VIP
02. rusko – cockney thug
03. drumcorps – this time
04. rcola – pass the dutchie
05. johnny osbourne – buddy bye
06. krinjah – championmindset
07. krinjah – krinjahsuccess
08. aaron spectre – 1600 penn, ftw
09. nkogliaz – soundbwoy killah
10. igor – ragga split
11. mochipet – botan ricecore (aaron spectre mix)
12. aaron spectre & prodigal son – say yeh
13. mathhead – bonafidekilla (aaron spectre mix)
14. fat controller – in complete darkness
15. pisstank – bassbins
16. hoonboy – clowntown
17. soundbites – fiyah
18. monkey steak – big up yourself remix feat. scorpio
19. dj k – on a mission
20. parasite – 99 skanky hoes
21. krumble – ticket to grind
22. hoonboy’s in the gusset – megamix
23. rotator – jump da fuck up
24. cutty ranks – limb by limb (original ragga mix)
25. rotator – big booty
26. repeater – collision repair specialist
27. mr kill – aerodynamit punx
28. venetian snares – hand throw

Belly Skin Riddim CD

If you dont check djphantomz site ona regular basis you should this guy is BIG in the game everyday I see mixtapes form him and they are always free downloads so check him out and if he has RSS add him hey go mad stumble him digg him, show him some love
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Capleton – Boom
Tanya Stephens – Mi Want Yuh
Sizzla – Up To Date
Nydean Levy & Lexxus – Choclate Loving
Ce’Cile – Cash & Carry
Hawkeye – Work Up That Thing
Tanto Metro & Devonte – Hot Gal
Lady G – Nah Second Play
Tony Rebel – Look Out
Beenie Man – More Woman
Queen Ifrica – Peace And Love
Alozade – Me And My Crew
Danny English & Egg Nog – My Lover
Anthony B – Girl Idiot
Captain Barkey – Pop Dem Dung
Wickerman – Stamp It
Madd Anju – I’m There
Determine & Saba – Full Time
Shaka Pow aka DJ Doc – Youths Hungry
Psycho & Maddish – More Gal Fi We

Hoonboy Live at DNB Impact Cork

After enjoying that FaltyDL mix so much got show these guys some more love. Check this mix Ragga, Drum and Bass, breakcore and Jungle thrown in
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Wicked set from Hoonboy playing live at DNB Impact in Cork 22/03/08
. Lots of nice drum&bass, ragga jungle and breakcore tunes. Even a tune from my favorite new school ragga jungle producer Krinjah.
01. rusko – cockney thug
02. aaron spectre – say more fire
03. nkogliaz – soundbwoy killa
04. krinjah – krinjahsuccess
05. mathhead – bonafidekilla (aaron spectre rmx)
06. the fat controller – in complete darkness
07. mochipet – botan ricecore (aaron spectre rmx)
08. the teknoist – richie’s breakcore love song [death$ucker]
09. aaron spectre & prodigal son – say yeh
10. gromov – bring da noise
11. parasite – 99 skanky hoes [death$ucker]
12. rotator – big booty
13. repeater – collision repair specialist
14. exile – big bad purple bad boy
15. evol intent – corrupt cops (noisia rmx)
16. stivs & ed cox – slew rmx [death$ucker]
17. krumble – ticket to grind
18. rotator – jump da fuck up

Ragga Ragga Ragga 2008

You guy’s are loving these free downloads so he another we found this time a Ragga mix
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The RAGGA RAGGA RAGGA series has consistently been the most powerful and popular dancehall compilation and is always the highlight of the year for the most ardent dancehall fan
RAGGA RAGGA RAGGA always spawns the biggest and most exciting hits of the year, and this collection RAGGA RAGGA RAGGA 2008 is no exception, with big tunes and future hits all the way, with artists such Mavado, Demarco, Busy Signal, Vybz Kartel, Collie Budz, Elephant Man, and more
Features the massive hits by Mavado – `On The Rock’, Demarco �- `Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten’.Mykal Roze – `Shoot Out’, Charlie Blacks – `Buddy Buddy’.
Videos have been made for Busy Signal `Jail’, Demarco `Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten’ and Mykal Rose `Shoot Out’.

So if you need to know what tunes are going to big this summer, then look no further than RAGGA RAGGA RAGGA 2008!