Creative Reaction Aut/Win 08

we love our kicks and personally I’ve been feeling Creative Reaction for some time and here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come this season
Creative Reaction

Trainer Vending Machine

the way forward but what happens if your trainers dont fit
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Trainer vending machine hits London
In a move that stinks to high heaven of “publicity stunt”, Japanese trainer brand Onitsuka Tiger has wheeled out what it claims to be the UK’s first trainer vending machine. Based in Carnaby Street in London’s West End, the machine can hold 24 pairs of trainers in six sizes, and works at any time. Fancy a sparkling new pair of sneakers on the way back from a night on the tiles? No problem! The vending machines will apparently be rolling out throughout the country in the near future.

Nike Contract Workers Strike

The average wage is $59 per MONTH I know it needs to be put in context with the local economy but … I tried doing some searches to find the local price of Nike trainers in Vietnam but no luck
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HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — More than 20,000 Vietnamese workers have walked off the job at a Taiwanese-owned plant that makes shoes for Nike Inc., demanding higher pay to keep pace with skyrocketing prices, officials said Tuesday.
The workers at Ching Luh plant, in southern Long An province, went on strike Monday. They want a 20 percent bump to their $59 average monthly salaries along with better lunches at the company cafeteria, said Nguyen Van Thua, an official with the province’s trade union.
The plant has been making sneakers since 2002 and employs about 21,000 workers, most of them young rural women. The company is paying the workers 14 percent more than minimum wage, but soaring inflation is eroding their earnings, Thua said.
Ching Luh plant is one of 10 factories that contract with Nike to produce sneakers in Vietnam. Nike’s contractors in Vietnam make about 75 million pairs of shoes each year, and the Ching Luh plant accounts for about 12 percent, said Nike spokesman Chris Helzer.

Why do we call them sneakers

Trainers, running shoes, kicks, and tennis shoes … in this area … they’re simply sneakers. An amusing piece about where the name came from
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Although known by other names like trainers, running shoes, and tennis shoes … in this area … they’re simply sneakers. And why do you think they’re called sneakers? “I have no idea. Kinda quiet when you walk in them. No.” Well, yes … It seems an advertising agent in the early 1900’s had a sneaking suspicion and gave rubber soled shoes the name sneakers because the shoes were noiseless. “They’re so comfortable. And they go with everything.”Which is why most of us have taken a step in that direction with sneakers filling our closets and our hearts.

The hottest new urban sneakers

always on the look out for new kicks and these babies look hot for summer
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These new sneakers out of Texas that are billing themselves as the hottest new urban sneakers. Tum Tum, Big Tuck, Bone Thugs and Sean Kingston have all been seen rockin’ them. And, according to the video below they’ve just given Soulja Boy his very first sneaker deal. How cute.
They come in all flavors like Cup Cake, Kiwi-Strawberry and even Smores. They have a patent leather & full grain leather upper and a clear sole w/ graphics. Each pair comes with not one but two sets of laces, a lace keeper, key chain and a Yums Mix tape!!! You can get all the for just 85 dollas over at yumsshop