LATE & MANNY MOSCOW – Underground Exposure Volume Seven

Manny Moscow

LATE’s back with another instalment of his well respected and long running mixtape series ‘Underground Exposure’. Exposing underground talent is something LATE has been doing for years as co-CEO of Wolftown Recordings and co-editor of Rago Magazine. LATE set the underground alight with his excellent ‘Below Street Level’ album which features the likes of Willie D from The Geto Boys, JT The Bigga Figga, K-Rino, KB Da Kidnappa, Geezy from Fendi Boys (Thizz World), Dope-E, Jai Boo and more.

‘Underground Exposure Volume 7’ sees LATE from Wolftown Recordings team up with London rapper Manny Moscow who is making serious moves with his debut mixtape with Tricksta and UK Runnings called ‘Live From The Kremlin’. This twenty track audio excursion that features a string of well known names such as K-Rino, Big Narstie, Lord Infamous, Chamillionaire, TBear, Mouths Of Da Souf, as well as some cutting edge new material from the likes of Gonja, Streetz, Pink Gator, Stunna Boyz, Fat B, Throwed Minded Click, as well as brand new exclusives from LATE and Manny Moscow.

Fusing the UK with the South, this mixtape is already being bumped in various cities around the world and is an excellent enjoyable listen. Please take the time out to download the mixtape and if possible add the link to your website or blog. Please send us the link back if you can so we know you are supporting us! Thanks in advance for time and support.

01 – Manny Moscow – Growin Up
02 – Grandaddy Souf Speaks
03 – LATE Feat K-Rino – Living Dead
04 – Big Narstie – Hip Hops A Minor
05 – Stunna Boyz – Superstar
06 – Lord Infamous, II Tone & T Rock Feat Chamillionaire – Love My Whip
07 – Chamillionaire Speaks
08 – Fat B – Man Out In Dallas
09 – Gonja – Another Dead Ni–a
10 – TBear – This Is All That Matters
11 – Throwed Minded Click – Hop N Da Chevy
12 – Manny Moscow Feat LATE – Wiv Da Brave
13 – Pink Gator – Beat Steady Knockin
14 – Streetz – Funds
15 – LATE – H.U.S.T.L.E.R
16 – LATE – Swang
17 – Manny Moscow – Warm Auras
18 – Mouths Of Da Souf – Candy Blue
19 – LATE Feat Willie D – Its Nothin (DJ Kreep Chopped & Screwed Mix)
20 – Manny Moscow – Outro

LATE & MANNY MOSCOW – Underground Exposure Volume 7



What inspired you to become a recording artist?
My pops really, but you could say the first time i was inspired to be a rapper
was when i first heard the ‘Showbiz and Ag’ ‘Goodfellas’ album!

When did you release your first song?
Early 2004 with the Group DBD i was part of back then!

What have you released to date?
3 mixtapes with 1 due to hit the stores very very soon.
‘Stix to the City’ vol 1 and 2, ‘Handle ya Buisiness’ the free mixtape for download presented by ‘Uk Runnings’ and ‘Bootleg This’ which is Manufactured and soon to hit stores!!

Where do you live?

What’s the music scene like there?
Good, theres a lot of talented artists in Bristol and the performing circuit is good, its just not getting recognised like it should right now!!

Tell people about your latest release and where people can buy it on-line?
Its called ‘Handle ya Buisiness’ its free and you can download it on my myspace and or amongst other sites!

What would your dream collaboration be?
Boy, im hearing Max B and Uncle Murda over here, but legends would have to be Fat Joe, Black Rob and Snoop

What was the last album you purchased?
Essential Bobby Womack, true stories!

Have you got any footage on YouTube?
My old music video featuring K.ners is on there, and i think theres some studio footage and a few montages for tracks too!!

What do you do to relax?
Listen to music and Sleep

What’s your favourite radio station?
1xtra i reckon!

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STREETZ – Handle Your Business -FREE Download


The UK’s longest running mixtape series UK RUNNINGS is back with more goodness. As well as the FREE download series ‘The Digital Revolution’, TRICKSTA has decided to do a srtring of artist based FREE download mixes too. He kicks off with a mixtape from Bristol rapper STREETZ. STREETZ, formerly known as STREET PHILIOSPHIA, has been putting it down for years and has workied with some of the biggest names in UK Hip-Hop. ‘Handle Your Business’ is a twenty-one track mixtape featuring a barrage of new material as well as production from IX LETTA, TRICKSTA & SKINT and collobarations from EASTWOOD, TYGER T and KING AGGI.

UK RUNNINGS Presents STREETZ – Handle Your Business
01 – On The Run Freestyle
02 – Haters Remix
03 – Death’s A Bitch Part 3 Remix
04 – Move Dat (Produced by IX LETTA)
05 – Funds Freestyle
06 – Freestyle
07 – Hmmmm… (Produced by TRICKSTA)
08 – See Me Die
09 – Baby Remix
10 – BEAGZ Skit
11 – Freestyle Feat EASTWOOD & TYGER T
12 – Network Gangsta’s Skit
13 – Trustin on BBC1Xtra Feat KING AGGI & TYGER T (Produced by IX LETTA)
14 – If I Die Remix
15 – We Do Tings Feat KING AGGI (Produced by SKINT)
16 – Love It Right Freestyle
17 – Radio Exclusive
18 – Freestyle Feat TYGER T
19 – Real Money Freestyle
20 – What’s The Latest Freestyle
21 – ****BONUS TRACK**** KING AGGI No Like Dem