Been awhile since we’ve done a graffiti blog but here’s one of my fav artists Swoon. Swoon is a 31 year old female graffiti artist based in New York City. Her main focus is creating life-sized, cut-out, wheat paste prints and paper cutouts of figures based upon people in her life.


Gaffing up The Royal Albert Hall

it’s start
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The venerable Royal Albert Hall has commissioned street artists to transform the blank walls of its loading bay with graffiti art for a unique one-day exhibition.

The 10ft high murals will sprawl across a 1,125sq/m space, with a third area dedicated to graffiti’s urban roots.

Street artists such as Ben Slow, Snik, FarkFK, Blam, Finbarr DAC and Grafter have been commissioned.

Stencil artist Grafter said: “If I can capture in a snapshot something that lets the passer-by forget about paying the gas bill for a moment and remember that sheer exhilarating thrill we all felt at one time in our life of jumping in a puddle, simply because it’s there, then I consider my work here done.”

Goldie Predicts a Riot

What can this man do DJ, producer Drum and Bass superstar, movie start dont forget his Bond appearance and what some may forget Goldie actually started off has a graffiti write. So if anybody knows what’s happening on the street I’d put my cash on him.
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One picture is a self-portrait of the artist, an aerosol can in one hand and swearing with the other. Goldie has always been one to make a statement. The drum’n’bass pioneer’s latest exhibition, The Kids Are All Riot, is a retrospective of his artworks, depicting social decay and youth culture.

“Kids have really been abandoned. Social community centres seem to have dissipated and there doesn’t seem to be a community spirit. I’ve grown up on estates and to go back and see those places, it’s not changed for the good. There’s a loss of sense of belonging for kids – it’s the reason they turn to urban art and music.”

It’s also why Goldie, now 43, started teaching urban art to kids more than 20 years ago. Goldie, who was himself a street artist and a youth club member, received after-school tuition from his art teacher while his first exhibition, staged when he was just 18, was funded by the arts council.

The Banksy Backlash

It’s weird world we live in
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Banksy graffiti art, daubed in paint

When he first began redecorating walls and buildings in his native city of Bristol in the early 1990s, the graffiti artist known as Banksy was frequently accused of vandalising private property.

A decade and a half later, having won fame and a considerable fortune, he faces a different charge.

The graffiti artist – who fiercely defends his anonymity – now stands accused of causing gentrification. His street art is being held responsible for proposed regeneration projects; his aerosol paintings are blamed for raising house prices in formerly deprived neighbourhoods.

These charges were laid against Banksy this week by a shadowy group calling themselves Appropriate Media.

Graffiti for Wii

whatever next? What happened to jumping over fences, train tracks and spaying up good old British Rail. Wooops that illegal, may be Wii are encouraging illegal activity what’s your view
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The Wii Spray concept project by University of Weimar’s Martin Lihs is now a reality, as you can see in this video. You can pick colors pointing at patches, and even use stencils.

The toy itself doesn’t require a Wii to work: It uses Flash on a normal PC as the platform, and the Wiimote as the controller. However, I wish Nintendo and its developers could look at this and be more creative about the use of the Wiimote. Even while this will require a big screen, I think kids will love to paint like this on their TVs, while parents will be happy for them not use spray or crayons over real walls.

Style Wars

Style Wars tells the story of the development of New York Graffiti Art during the early 1980’s. It shows the development of the many graffiti letters styles, graffiti artists discussing over graffiti blackbooks and the surrounding cultural development like hip hop breakdance, etc.

The movie features artists like Dondi White, Seen and many more.

Henry Chalfant was the main person to document the development of the New York Graffiti Art movement during the 1970′ and 1980’s. His book Subway Art is recognised as the main source for Graffiti Train Art and Graffiti Letters Styles development.

Watch Style Wars for free on Google Videos

Vans vrs Neckface

US graffiti artist Neckface puts his design style on to Van shoes
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Neckface, the celebrated urban graffiti artist who has used blank spaces on buildings, skateboard and clothing items for his unique pieces has once again hooked up with Vans for a continuation of their collaboration. This time around Neckface combines his signature abstract style with several of Vans classic shoe designs. Some of the standouts this season include a pair of chukkas with the recognizable horror influenced monster figures Neckface often uses. The boxes that the shoes come in also include Neckface’s unique drawings. The Neckface and Vans collaboration seems to be a fruitful pairing that will last for many seasons to come.

Britsh Art and Street Sounds

this sounds a killa and I know we’re gonna be at some of these events nice to see that it’s all Midlands based and not London centric
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Forget Glastonbury, T-in the Park or any of the other Summer festivals this year and make your way to the Midlands for the ultimate explosion of music, art and culture at the BASS Festival.

Throughout the month of June, venues across Birmingham, Leicester, Derby and Nottingham will play host to over 50 events that form the basis of the BASS (British Art and Street Sounds) Festival.

Under the banner of ‘The Elements of Hip Hop’, this year’s event brings together over 100 artists from across the UK, Europe, the US and South Africa to celebrate Hip Hop culture through a series of interactive master-classes, workshops, performances, exhibitions and installations that will open the doors to the general public and break down the misconceptions and myths that surround Hip Hop.

Celebrating the four elements of Hip Hop – MCing, DJing, B-Boying and Graffiti are at the heart of the Festival, and the organisers have taken each genre and brought together icons from across the world

Animated Street Art

I remember a train journey down the Spanish coast heading south towards Barcelona, the whole area had been slaughtered by local graffiti artists but nowhere have I seen a graffiti idea has original as this.
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This sequence of street art images can be found on a wall on the back of Etterbeek train station, Belgium. Drawings by BONOM & LORK. Great idea… enjoy

Sneak preview of Bigfoot One

Bigfoot used to do number of designs for I-Path but you seem to see him doing more gallery work these days
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The next show at Andenken Gallery is Bigfoot One – In The Realm Of The Forest Phantoms.�Some of the artwork has started to arrive and it looks amazing. A special installation is in the works and� information on how things� are progressing will be posted in the very near future. For now, check out a preview of a 42 x 30 inch painting for the show and an interview with Bigfoot One…

BEFORE ART- world sensation Neck Face, there was the urban myth of Bigfoot. His big-haired, brown and green beastly images have dotted San Francisco’s ’scape since 1994, when the now-31-year-old anonymous vegan adopted the name in the streets and in the galleries.