Win Banksy The Man Behind The Wall

Banksy The Man Behind The Wall

Banksy The Man Behind The Wall

You really need to be friends with Sturban Clothing because they have friends everywhere and friends being friends they wanna share stuff not just with us but with our friends. Their mates at Aurum Press Ltd. are giving away a copy of ‘Banksy The Man Behind The Wall’ to celebrate the release of this publication in paperback. The version we have how ever is the original hardback coming in at £20 a shot so be sure to enter and you’ve got friends haven’t you? Well tell them about it just like Quality Street Sturban Clothing giveaways are made for sharing so get on Twitter, Facebook and Stumble and tell the world.


‘The Face Off’ an exhibition of new work by Smug and Klingatron

‘The Face Off’ coming this Friday night (5th June) from 6 p.m – 10 p.m – 106 Kenwyn St Truro Cornwall.

Klingatron and Smug are loading up a van with amazing eye candy as I type and getting ready to drive to the Pastyland all the way from Glasgow! Its definitely going to be an opening party to remember complimenting the excellent artwork on show we have DJ Dilla on the wheels of steel providing some smooth summer grooves,our good friends Red Bull have sent us a fridge full of fizz to chuck out, Skinners have slung us a barrel of Betty Stoggs ale and Rowes Bakery have crimped us up a load of pasties, so we can keep everyone fed and watered!!!

Yep, we really have gone all out for this one-we are even throwing a
free raffle for all that show up with the chance of winning: a Lazy
Oaf T, a Oktomat camera, a copy of Graffiti World and a few other
tasty bits and pieces!

So please come down and check out this show, say hello, have a drink
and a pasty with us (while stocks last!) listen to some tunes and give
yourself a chance of winning a totally ace prize too!

Ron English New Uk Exhibition

The first ever UK solo show of American, billboard hi-jacking, political activist, pop surrealist Ron English has come to London’s Elms Lesters Painting Rooms. Lazarus Rising opens to the public tonight, May 8th, 2009.

Goldie Predicts a Riot

What can this man do DJ, producer Drum and Bass superstar, movie start dont forget his Bond appearance and what some may forget Goldie actually started off has a graffiti write. So if anybody knows what’s happening on the street I’d put my cash on him.
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One picture is a self-portrait of the artist, an aerosol can in one hand and swearing with the other. Goldie has always been one to make a statement. The drum’n’bass pioneer’s latest exhibition, The Kids Are All Riot, is a retrospective of his artworks, depicting social decay and youth culture.

“Kids have really been abandoned. Social community centres seem to have dissipated and there doesn’t seem to be a community spirit. I’ve grown up on estates and to go back and see those places, it’s not changed for the good. There’s a loss of sense of belonging for kids – it’s the reason they turn to urban art and music.”

It’s also why Goldie, now 43, started teaching urban art to kids more than 20 years ago. Goldie, who was himself a street artist and a youth club member, received after-school tuition from his art teacher while his first exhibition, staged when he was just 18, was funded by the arts council.

Britsh Art and Street Sounds

this sounds a killa and I know we’re gonna be at some of these events nice to see that it’s all Midlands based and not London centric
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Forget Glastonbury, T-in the Park or any of the other Summer festivals this year and make your way to the Midlands for the ultimate explosion of music, art and culture at the BASS Festival.

Throughout the month of June, venues across Birmingham, Leicester, Derby and Nottingham will play host to over 50 events that form the basis of the BASS (British Art and Street Sounds) Festival.

Under the banner of ‘The Elements of Hip Hop’, this year’s event brings together over 100 artists from across the UK, Europe, the US and South Africa to celebrate Hip Hop culture through a series of interactive master-classes, workshops, performances, exhibitions and installations that will open the doors to the general public and break down the misconceptions and myths that surround Hip Hop.

Celebrating the four elements of Hip Hop – MCing, DJing, B-Boying and Graffiti are at the heart of the Festival, and the organisers have taken each genre and brought together icons from across the world

Shat Hits The Canvas

An illustrated retrospective of Bill Shatners 76 years of gracing our planet, what more can we say a legend
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An illustrated retrospective of bill shatners 76 years of gracing our planet, words by Nic Wilson.
2007 won’t be remembered for many things. The Iraq War still sucking. Iranians behaving badly. Setting the Doomsday Clock back to five minutes of midnight. But there is one thing this mediocre year has given us that I believe future generations will actually give two fignuts about: the Shatner Show.
That’s right. William Shatner has an art exhibition dedicated to his larger-than-life self, thanks to a husband and wife pair of his fellow Canadians- Janine Vangool and Glen Dresser. They concocted the show while driving through the Canadian countryside, listening to Shatner’s most recent spoken-word album, Has Been- which was applauded for the same gentle self-mockery that has become the calling card of the modern, gnome-insulting Shatner.

Corey Smith and Ambiguous Art Show

I know that this is going to be hitting the UK but not sure when so get a sneak preview and see if you think it’s worth checking, we know it is as Corey is one of the artists working on the Ambiguous Clothing range
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All right Portland hipsters, time to come out and support one of our favorite local shredders and artists.� This first Thursday, stop by Backspace and check out Corey Smith’s art, followed by his band playing a reunion show.� Backspace is located on 115 NW 5th, downtown Portland.� Ambiguous clothing will be sponsoring the event and it should be awesome.� See you there!


I have personally been a longterm fan of Swoon and her work, check her out at this link of google her it’s well worth it just to see how graffiti postering has developed
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Swoon street art

Swoon is a street artist from New York who specializes in life-size wheatpaste prints and paper cutouts of figures. She started doing street art around 1999. She studied painting at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Swoon’s worlds are often populated by realistically rendered cut-out street people, often her friends and family. Riding bikes, talking on a stoop, going grocery shopping – these people traverse a cityscape of her own unique invention.