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There’s an old saying that says “if you’re going to do something, do it properly”, and that is exactly what CEO’s, mixtape DJ’s, radio DJ’s, producers and now film director’s Lunatrix and Vokal have done. On a level they have covered it all. The DVD bounces in around two hours twenty minutes and is real inside look at how this whole UK Rap game works. UK veterans such as Taskforce, Blak Twang, Baby J and LATE feature along side US rapper Necro and lashings of well-known names such as Akala, Bashy, N Dubz, Stig Of The Dump and Pyrelli amongst others. I particularly loved the Live Hip-Hop section where Manage really tears it up. This DVD is really well put together and shot on high definition so it has a real quality feel. As if that wasn’t enough also included is a CD compilation of twenty-two tracks from the UK’s finest. Loving tracks by Kid Rad, Mr Drastik, Million Dan, Size8, LATE and Chain Of Command! Big release and something any fan of UK Hip-Hop and Grime should definitely own. A superb idea that has been excellently executed.

Review by Brendan Deane


DAP C & DIRTY SWEET – Street Karma

DAP C & DIRTY SWEET - Street Karma

DAP C & DIRTY SWEET - Street Karma

DAP C & DIRTY SWEET – Street Karma (NGU Recordings)
Originally from Newcastle but now residing in Leicester, “Street Karma” is a project which sees Dap-C hook up with talented producer Dirty Sweet to drop an album which shows that hard work and dedication always pays of in the end. With guest appearances from the likes of Blak Twang, Fallacy, Skinnyman, Kid Rad, Lewis Parker and Supernovar amongst others it demonstrates the ambition shown by Dap –C to release an album that will make even the hardest London rap fans take notice of the Midlands. Favourite tracks include the banging “Get Messed Up Tonight” Where Kid Rad tears apart the microphone alongside fallacy and the stand out single ‘Music Game’ Where Dap –C holds his own against Geejay and the almighty Blak Twang. Support the cause and purchase this album.

Review by Christian Nembhard

LATE Feat K-RINO & KB DA KIDNAPPA “I’m A Saint, I’m A Sinner”

From his humble beginnings in the well-respected rap crews VILLAINS and WOLFTOWN COMMITTEE, LATE has carved his own niche. In 2004 he released his debut EP ‘International Rhyme Spittin’ which included the infamous ‘Open Mic Session’ track which featured 50 rappers, and then followed that release with a string of excellent mixtapes ‘The Villainous One’ in 2005, ‘Englishman In New York’ in 2006 and ‘The CEO’s Edition’ with New York rapper GEOLANI in 2007, and more recently ‘Two Thousand And LATE’ in 2008. LATE has featured on over two hundred underground releases, and is the CEO & founder of Wolftown Recordings and RAGO Magazine, as well as being an official member of Houston’s legendary rap movement SOUTH PARK COALITION (SPC).

LATE now unleashes the first single from his debut album ‘Below Street Level’, a collection of fourteen tracks produced by his long-time beat-maker TRICKSTA. This track has already been licensed to Hip-Hop Connection’s forthcoming compilation ‘Recognition 20 Years’, which is a collection of fire-starting UK Rap Anthems which also features the likes of Demon Boyz, MC Duke, Roots Manuva, Rodney P, Blak Twang, Blade, Klashnekoff, Jehst, Skinnyman and many more. The video for this track also features on various forthcoming DVD’s and is soon to be aired on all the urban TV channels.