LATE & MANNY MOSCOW – Underground Exposure Volume Seven

Manny Moscow

LATE’s back with another instalment of his well respected and long running mixtape series ‘Underground Exposure’. Exposing underground talent is something LATE has been doing for years as co-CEO of Wolftown Recordings and co-editor of Rago Magazine. LATE set the underground alight with his excellent ‘Below Street Level’ album which features the likes of Willie D from The Geto Boys, JT The Bigga Figga, K-Rino, KB Da Kidnappa, Geezy from Fendi Boys (Thizz World), Dope-E, Jai Boo and more.

‘Underground Exposure Volume 7’ sees LATE from Wolftown Recordings team up with London rapper Manny Moscow who is making serious moves with his debut mixtape with Tricksta and UK Runnings called ‘Live From The Kremlin’. This twenty track audio excursion that features a string of well known names such as K-Rino, Big Narstie, Lord Infamous, Chamillionaire, TBear, Mouths Of Da Souf, as well as some cutting edge new material from the likes of Gonja, Streetz, Pink Gator, Stunna Boyz, Fat B, Throwed Minded Click, as well as brand new exclusives from LATE and Manny Moscow.

Fusing the UK with the South, this mixtape is already being bumped in various cities around the world and is an excellent enjoyable listen. Please take the time out to download the mixtape and if possible add the link to your website or blog. Please send us the link back if you can so we know you are supporting us! Thanks in advance for time and support.

01 – Manny Moscow – Growin Up
02 – Grandaddy Souf Speaks
03 – LATE Feat K-Rino – Living Dead
04 – Big Narstie – Hip Hops A Minor
05 – Stunna Boyz – Superstar
06 – Lord Infamous, II Tone & T Rock Feat Chamillionaire – Love My Whip
07 – Chamillionaire Speaks
08 – Fat B – Man Out In Dallas
09 – Gonja – Another Dead Ni–a
10 – TBear – This Is All That Matters
11 – Throwed Minded Click – Hop N Da Chevy
12 – Manny Moscow Feat LATE – Wiv Da Brave
13 – Pink Gator – Beat Steady Knockin
14 – Streetz – Funds
15 – LATE – H.U.S.T.L.E.R
16 – LATE – Swang
17 – Manny Moscow – Warm Auras
18 – Mouths Of Da Souf – Candy Blue
19 – LATE Feat Willie D – Its Nothin (DJ Kreep Chopped & Screwed Mix)
20 – Manny Moscow – Outro

LATE & MANNY MOSCOW – Underground Exposure Volume 7


TheUrbanShop LAST Podcast

Yes people it’s the LAST UrbanShop podcast but don’t fret it will be back next week under a new name, or it could be back next week under the same name knowing us as work that needs doing may not get done.

So What’s this rambling all about? As you may or may not know we are having to change our name yet again, first it was headstrong and now theurbanshop but for legal reasons out of our control we have got to change it, you can read full story here. We are not giving out our new name yet but we have a name, have bought up domains, ran it by our solicitors and done new logos, just need to swap the domain online and when that is done we will let you know not no fear has there will be a redirect so you can use the old url.

So the last TUS podcast is a CD we sponsored TheUrbanShop called Digital Revolution Volume One – Hosted by LATE and tracklisting will follow but first I want to add that next week ALL old podcasts and archived radio shows will be deleted so if there’s any you want to download get them now and, we are making this list open to all comers so they can get a feel for what we have been doing and what will follow with the name change so have a listen to the over 50 hours of podcasts and download the ones you like to your hard drive because next week they are gone for good.

01 – LATE – Intro
02 – LATE – Old Skool Bre
03 – KYZA – Dey Know
04 – SUPAR NOVAR – My Life
05 – JYAGER – Hopin’
06 – DABBLA – The Title (Prod. by MISS TOFELEES)
07 – TB – Living Proof
08 – LATE – Everyday
10 – M9 – Elijah
11 – IRONBRAYDZ – Death Machine
12 – BIG CAKES – Money Talks
13 – KING P FEAT YOGI – Won’t Stop
14 – LATE – Something To Believe In
16 – SKANDAL – Home Economics (Prod. by BEAT BUTCHA)
17 – KULEZ – Smell The Tea
18 – FATHOMLESS – Imagine
19 – DEBONAIR – Lockdown
20 – LATE – Outro (Prod. by TRICKSTA)


The Digital Revolution Vol 1 hosted by LATE

The Digital Revolution Vol 1 hosted by LATE
One of the UK’s leading Hip Hop DJ’s Tricksta is back with another superb mixtape full of home-grown goodness. Yes that’s right folks; UK Runnings is back with something rather cool… a new FREE download mixtape series called ‘The Digital Revolution’. Promising to deliver exclusives and rare tracks by some of the UK’s most well names, this series also promises to give up tracks by lesser known up and coming artists. Each volume is hosted by a different UK act, and with an army of MC’s in the wings this is surely going to be part of UK Hip-Hop history. Volume one kicks off with guest host LATE, the Midlands rapper that exploded in the game back in 1999 as part of the well-respected rap crews Villains and Wolftown Committee. Since then he has carved a niche and is now a solo artist in his right. Currently enjoying the underground success of his full-length album ‘Below Street Level’, LATE takes time to give up three tracks and host the mix in his own unique way and style. ‘The Digital Revolution’ has now begun, so please get ready for the uprising of UK Runnings… the UK’s number one mixtape series for cutting edge UK Hip-Hop & Grime. As often happen at Ukrunnings this whole download series is sponsored and made possible by TheUrbanShop

01 – LATE – Intro
02 – LATE – Old Skool Bre
03 – KYZA – Dey Know
04 – SUPAR NOVAR – My Life
05 – JYAGER – Hopin’
06 – DABBLA – The Title (Prod. by MISS TOFELEES)
07 – TB – Living Proof
08 – LATE – Everyday
10 – M9 – Elijah
11 – IRONBRAYDZ – Death Machine
12 – BIG CAKES – Money Talks
13 – KING P FEAT YOGI – Won’t Stop
14 – LATE – Something To Believe In
16 – SKANDAL – Home Economics (Prod. by BEAT BUTCHA)
17 – KULEZ – Smell The Tea
18 – FATHOMLESS – Imagine
19 – DEBONAIR – Lockdown
20 – LATE – Outro (Prod. by TRICKSTA)

The Digital Revolution Vol 1 hosted by LATE

LATE from Wolftown Interview

Late from Wolftown gives an exclusive interview to our mates at TheUrbanShop that was used on the dvd “100% Exclusive”. Late is member of the South Park Coalition ( SPC) and this video as clips from his music videos “They Don’t want To See Me Blow” and “I’m A Saint I’m A Sinner” ft K Rino, KB Da Kidnappa.


LATE & Tricksta present D.A The Return



Straight outta Houston, Texas comes D.A witha brand new mixtape for 09. LATE & Tricksta present D.A The Return.

01. LATE – Intro
02. D.A – Back 2gether
03. D.A – The Return
04. D.A – Blazed In Central Park
05. D.A – Talk Spot 1
06. D.A – Apollo Creed
07. DEM SOUTHERN FOLKS – Gub’ment Cheese
08. D.A – Love The Ladies
09. P BARBER FEAT D.A – Tippin’
10. D.A – Feelings
11. G-LIFE – Get It How You Live
12. D.A – Missing You
13. D.A – Black Magic
14. D.A – Talk Spot 2
15. 5TH WARD BOYS – Our Life
16. BIG MIKE – All A Dream
17. GANGSTA NIP – Come Into My World
18. D.A – Manic Depression
19. D.A – Good
20. D.A – House Of The Rising Sun
22. LATE – Outro

LATE & Tricksta present D.A The Return

Certified Banger Presents On The Radar

Certified Banger, a blog (almost) dedicated to the art of Hip Hop in the UK proudly presents this 21 track compilation of some up-and-coming artists and their music. Taking in many different angles of UK Hip Hop ‘On The Radar’ attempts to bring some new music to your ears, all for the princely sum of nothing.

It features never heard befores, heard before but hard to get hold ofs and tracks already available on the respective artists own pieces of work. With 21 tracks, you’re bound to find something you like, and for free, you can go much wrong by downloading it and giving it at least one virtual spin.

This compilation should appeal to Hip Hop fans and people of other persuasions alike, so if you fall into one of those categories (and I think you do), you should right click, left click, save target as with the quickness.

Once you have and you’ve heard it, be sure to check out our mates over at certifiedbanger for more features on, and free downloads from the artists involved.

1. Queens English – Mind The Rap (produced by Skinnista aka Nu Balance)
2. Safron – Nightbreed remix ft. Kyza, Jehst & Klashnekoff
3. emceeKillah – The Guns of Britain (produced by Zoutr)
4. B’tol & Jagos – Finish This (Rassclat Rappers) ft. Da Herbalis of FDB
5. JVF Clique – Those Dudes (produced by Pappa Doc)
6. Spee 69 – Lemonade (produced by Jay Large)
7. Grimlok – Magic (produced by Shears)
8. Revilo – Mr. No Names
9. TLG – Let Me Be ft. Reggiimental, Ras Supa, Biggaman,S.C, Joe Gutta & Rukus
10. Skillit – Talk of the Town (produced by Cable)
11. Conman – Streets Unsafe (freestyle)
12. Loudmouth – Real Talk (produced by Loudmouth)
13. Manny Moscow – You Can’t Tempt Me ft. Shepherd
14. Size8 – Watchin Me (freestyle)
15. Skandal – Venom (produced by Chemo)
16. Truth – Been a Long Time (produced by Prolifik)
17. Late – The Villain Man (freestyle)
18. Antmysta – Taste of Ink (produced by Shadowville)
19. Beit Nun – The Music (produced by Illskilz)
20. Reps – Spit ft. Jid Sames (produced by OSTR)
bonus track: Uncle Dicky – Neighbourhood Star remix ft. Witchdoctor Wise

Certified Banger Presents On The Radar – The DVD & CD



There’s an old saying that says “if you’re going to do something, do it properly”, and that is exactly what CEO’s, mixtape DJ’s, radio DJ’s, producers and now film director’s Lunatrix and Vokal have done. On a level they have covered it all. The DVD bounces in around two hours twenty minutes and is real inside look at how this whole UK Rap game works. UK veterans such as Taskforce, Blak Twang, Baby J and LATE feature along side US rapper Necro and lashings of well-known names such as Akala, Bashy, N Dubz, Stig Of The Dump and Pyrelli amongst others. I particularly loved the Live Hip-Hop section where Manage really tears it up. This DVD is really well put together and shot on high definition so it has a real quality feel. As if that wasn’t enough also included is a CD compilation of twenty-two tracks from the UK’s finest. Loving tracks by Kid Rad, Mr Drastik, Million Dan, Size8, LATE and Chain Of Command! Big release and something any fan of UK Hip-Hop and Grime should definitely own. A superb idea that has been excellently executed.

Review by Brendan Deane

Interview with Wolftown CEO LATE

UK rapper LATE

UK rapper LATE

LATE has been an integral part of the UK Rap scene since 1999, and even before that he was rhyming and dropping verses on various tracks. This year has been without a doubt his busiest year with his Urban Shop sponsored mixtape ‘Two Thousand & LATE’ doing some serious damage. Now set to release his debut album ‘Below Street Level’ which features legends such as K-Rino, Willie D from The Geto Boys and JT The Bigga Figga, we sent Alan Jenkins to find out more about the L, the A, the T, the E. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you LATE, the UK’s hardest working!!!

How ya doing LATE. Thanks so much for taking time out you’re increasingly ever busy schedule to do this interview! Okay, let’s start at the beginning. You have been in the game for a while what releases have you had out?
I released my first single “UK SOUND” under the name Villains on my own label Wolftown Recordings in 1999. In 2000 we went on to release the album VILLAINS – WELCOME TO WOLFTOWN and have actively been releasing music ever since. Together with Tricksta we put the group Wolftown Committee together and released the album “LEGENDARY STATUS.” Along side Tricksta I have done so much its hard to keep track of what we have done, I know when this interview goes live I will remember lots of other achievements… I featured on 100’s of mixtapes worldwide I was the first person in the UK to record a posse track with 50 mc’s on it in 2003. I have recorded with artists from The East coast, West coast, Midwest The South, Canada, Jamaica, France, Germany, As a dj I have done mixtapes with Chamillionaire, Trae, K-Rino, Papoose, Grand Daddy Souf to name a few. I’ve released 3 underground mixtapes projects The Villainous One, An English Man In New York and 2 Thousand & LATE and this year released my first full length solo album “BELOW STREET LEVEL” featuring Willie D from the Geto Boys, K-Rino, Dope-E, JT the Bigga Figga plus quite a few more special guests.

Wolftown has always had a different approach to promoting its music than the traditional UK artists with lots of different concepts and always colourful artwork what made decide to break the mould?
was inspired by labels like Rap A Lot Records, No Limit, Suave House and Big Tyme Records they where strictly independent but had good distribution deals. I liked the way all their artists used to collaborate with each other doing big posse tracks, and they way they used to market their selves really influenced me by having big bold artwork that stands out in a saturated market.

You have had 2 releases out this year 2 THOUSAND & LATE and the album BELOW STREET LEVEL tell us about those releases.
2 Thousand & LATE is a collection of tracks that I had in the vault, tracks I’ve featured on and some remix tracks and exclusives all mixed together by Tricksta. It was a basically a teaser for the album to get the fans fired up for the release, it features; KB DA KIDNAPPA from the group STREET MILITARY, JT THE BIGGA FIGGA, JON CONNERS, BRICK SAAVY, LO–KEYS, STRESS, FAMOSO, MOKEOUT, JAI-BOO, SIZE8, RICKY LEE, CONMAN, CEE-ROCK “THE FURY”, NUT-RAGEOUS, PANAMA, JAK DANIELS, and S.P.C rappers THUGSTAR, MURDER ONE & KUWAIT, there is also a bonus chopped n screwed track on there by DJ LOON.

BELOW STREET LEVEL is the full length album all produced by TRICKSTA this is my best work to date. I have done a lot of underground projects in the past just teasing the fans but on this album I have held nothing back I talk about a lot of social issues my own issues and gone deeper lyrically on each track. I have also had the pleasure to work with some of the artists I grew up listening to. I have collaborations with WILLIE D (Geto Boys) K-RINO, KB DA KIDNAPPA, DOPE E, JT THE BIGGA FIGGA, GEEZY (Fendi Boyz / ThizzWorld) ESINCHO, D.A, JUSTICE ALLAH & JAI BOO. There isn’t an album like this that has ever come out the UK

For someone that have never heard of you before and want to check out the album what can they expect to hear?
100% uncut reality rap/hip hop there are NO back pack lyrics stringing words together just because they rhyme. It’s just pure from the heart lyrics about life and about the world we live in. There are no samples on the album all the music is created by UK vet TRICKSTA and mastered by the man they call Ryan Pinson.

I see the album has been getting a lot of good press what is your favourite track from the album?
I don’t know really every track has a piece of me in it and my life in it so it’s hard to pick a track. I only put 14 tracks on the album I wanted to keep it quality over quantity no fillers just pure good music.

late - below street level

late - below street level

Tell us about the title BELOW STREET LEVEL?
I chose that title because I’m an independent artist on the underground that has been releasing music actively for nearly 10 years but doesn’t get accepted in certain circles of UK hip hop community. I felt like my music must be so underground it’s below street level, that’s why I ran with that title.

So what’s next for LATE?
I’m working on a few projects at the moment but I don’t want to give too much away just keep a look out on the websites and and all will be revealed when the time is right.

Interview by Alan Jenkins.

To buy your copy direct please just simply click LATE – Below Street Level is out now on Wolftown Recordings.


Them Wolftown boys are at it again check out LATE and Tricksta on Wolftown’s street queen Jai Boo site
LATE & TRICKSTA the UK’s number one mixtape DJ’s are back in full effect with a brand new mixtape in conjunction with MISTER MARLON from New York’s leading clothing line Ram packed full of twenty tracks this mixtape gives the best in the cream of the East Coast underground and some new Wolftown fire!
Grand Larce, LATE, Kyzier Kash, AP, Ransom Rellic, Sunny Redd, Benny Blanco, Sem One, Jai Boo, Gonja, Streetz & Young Deuces, Geolani, Boss Gang, DV Alias Khryst, Stress, Jon Conners, Lo-Keys, Brick Saavy, Famoso, Mokeout, Chauncity Allstars, Soul Food, Skinny C Rymz, A-Pinks, Nobody Famous, Young Treja, Young Dirty, Jay-Freeze and Mister Marlon himself all feature, as well as getting some hot tracks from producer Tricksta including ‘Just Me’ by LATE off his new album ‘Below Street Level’.

S520NYC, LATE, Tricksta – I’m Not Into fashion

I'm Not Into Fashion

I'm Not Into Fashion

New York clothing label 2520NYC.Com has teamed up with the UK’s number one DJ’s LATE & TRICKSTA of Wolftown Recordings to release the UK edition of his brand new mixtape ‘I’m Not Into Fashion’. 2520NYC.Com unleashes their new brand of Tee’s entitled ‘I’m Not Into Fashion’ and here get the perfect promotional gift to celebrate the fact. True Hip-Hop fans will know of LATE & TRICKSTA’s work as they have unleashed official tapes with Chamillionaire, Sheek Louch, Trae, Papoose, Stat Quo, Red Café 40Glocc, Spider Loc and more. This is a sick selection of underground tracks (NO freestyles!) that showcases a barrage of talented artists including appearances from the likes Grand Larce, Sunny Redd, Ransom Rellic, LATE, Jai Boo, Streetz & Young Deuces, Brick Saavy, Famoso, Geolani, DV Alias Khryst as well some tight production from Tricksta.

S520NYC I’m Not Into fashion

01 – Mister Marlon Intro
02 – Grand Larce – Wax On Wax Off
03 – LATE – Just Me
04 – Kyzier Kash – 7 Days, 3 Weeks
05 – AP – First Off
06 – Ransom Rellic – Wait A Minute
07 – Suny Redd – Get It
08 – Benny Blanco – Rock It Out
09 – Sem One – Flow Like Water
10 – Jai Boo Feat Gonja & LATE – Don’t Look At Me
11 – Streetz & Young Deuces – On My Grind
12 – Geolani & Boss Gang Feat Dv Alias Khryst – Show Must Go On
13 – Stress – They Want My Swagg
14 – Grand Larce – Shattered
15 – LATE Feat Jon Conners, Lo-Keys, Stress, Brick Saavy, Famoso & Mokeout – Day In Day Out’
16 – Chauncity Allstars – Know
17 – Soul Food – My Hood
18 – Skinny C Rymz Well, A-Pinks & Nobody Famous – Whats Happenin Part 2
19 – Young Treja, Young Dirty & Jay-Freeze – How Bout It
20 – Mister Marlon Outro