The Headspace Mixtape Volume 1

For those of you who are into UK Hip Hop, sometimes you need some Headspace from the below average tracks and throw away rhymes you so frequently hear. Well here it is! nearly 2 hours of pure, unadulterated headspace! FREE Download

01. JVF Clique – Headspace Intro
02. K.I.N.E.T.I.K. – It Ain’t Hard To See f. Jamieson
03. Asaviour & IQ – No Days Off f. Sir Smurf Lil (Akira Kiteshi Remix) (Headspace Exclusive)
04. Fallacy – Rap folly 2 f.Aggi Dukes
05. Lowkey – I’m Back (Dyson Remix)
06. Stig Of The Dump – Braindead f. RA The Rugged Man (Jehst Remix)
07. Skandal – Gluttony (Headspace Exclusive)
08. d.C. & Pennjamin- Fast Cars (Headspace Exclusive) DONE
09. Ben Black of The Delusionists – Supa Lyrical Excursion pt.2
10. Remus – Brap Brap f. Farma G
11. Brotherman & DJ Flipz – Born in the Ghetto
12. Yarah Bravo – Freedom Fighters
13. DJ IQ & Joker Starr – Sunshine
14. Oliver Sudden – C.C. for Life (Headspace Exclusive)
15. Tactical Thinking f. 3 Amigos, Jay Madden & Mic Dyson – Stampede (Lord Balrog Remix) (Headspace Exclusive)
16. Norrin Radd – Do You Understand f. Booda French (Mixed by Cross Bone T)
17. Juice Aleem – Hologram (Si Beggs Lost In The Hologram Mix) (Headspace Exclusive)
18. Obba Supa – Wet Dreams Over Nightmares (Headspace Exclusive)
19. Alphabetix – Slug Life f. Verbal Contact (Produced by Fidgit, mixed by Vice) (Headspace Exclusive)
20. Prose – Go On… (Headspace Exclusive)
21. JVF Clique – Flow Nutters (Headspace Exclusive)
22. Figment – Floor By Floor
23. Ty – Don’t Cry (Headspace Exclusive)
24. London Zoo – Piece of Mind (Jed Mix) (Headspace Exclusive)
25. Jack Flash – Harass The City (Headspace Exclusive)
26. Chima Anya – KOS (remix) (Cuts by DJ Slipdisc) (Headspace Exclusive)
27. Redbeard – Sick On My Jumpa f. Sonny Jim & Kosyne (Wizard Remix) (Headspace Exclusive)
28. Blacksmith & Jagos – Edge of Breakthrough (Headspace Exclusive)
29. Mystro – Maintain (Produced by Earth Hip Hop)
30. Genesis Elijah – I’m Doin It
30. Skuff & Inja – Sunnicide
31. Just Muz – Soulful Stuff

The Headspace Mixtape Volume 1


LOGIC Gaberlunzie: The Ancient One

Labelled as a ‘rapper’ by society, Logic is an artist that’s main aim is to promote a positive message through his music. Born and raised in Brixton, South London, UK he grew up in a poverty driven environment. He is affiliated with the infamous PDC but his solo career really began when he performed at the well-respected record shop ‘Deal Real Records’ which used to be located in Carnaby Street. This is where he first performed to a crowd and the response he received was so good it gave him the confidence to continue on his path. Since then he has supported the likes of KRS-ONE, Immortal Technique and Saigon to name a few. As Logic continued to write new tracks and perform he joined forces with well known lyricist and recording artist Lowkey and together formed a duo called ‘New World Order’.

This project had a strong concept with the whole idea being based around the feeling of us as a nation and planet need to realise the powers that be and have a plan. Logic is also the general in the ‘Peoples Army’, a movement of like-minded people making quality lyrical Hip-Hop. Now in 2010, Logic unleashes his latest project ‘Gaberlunzie: The Ancient One’ which is absolutely FREE! That’s right people; here is a collection of superb music that actually makes you feel proud to be British!!

01 – The Birth Of A Gaberlunzie (Intro)
02 – My Life
03 – I Love
04 – Just Be You Feat Vally & BlaxNova
05 – The Score
06 – Here Now Feat Lowkey & Spells
07 – A Digital Age (Interlude)
08 – Money
09 – Falling
10 – Earth, Wind & Fire – Fantasy (Interlude)
11 – Making Love
12 – The Way I Look At Life Feat Prodigal Son
13 – Cloudy Day
14 – Plenty More Fish Feat Crow & Sty
15 – Letter To My Girl
16 – All That I Feel
17 – The Way We Live
18 – Tell Me Something
19 – Wanna Be Free Feat Vally
20 – Mum

LOGIC Gaberlunzie: The Ancient One

Lowkey – In My Lifetime featuring Wretch32

His first official album, ‘Dear Listener’ is an extremely honest and distinctly fresh project, laden with world class production from SCRAM JONES (MARIAH CAREY / G UNIT), STYALZ FEUGO (CHAMILLIONAIRE / BUSTA RHYMES), Q-TONES (LIL WAYNE) and more. Lowkey’s unique charisma acts as the saccharinely sweet delivery for the powerful, political messages that are delivered within many of the songs on the album. From the captivating story of ‘Relatives’ to the banging reggae tinged ‘Tell Me Why’, ‘Dear Listener’ is sure to be a late addition to be a classic. The incredible ‘Revolution’ hints at the collaborations to come, with an entirely beatboxed instrumental from FAITH SFX and guest vocals from JON McCLURE of REVEREND AND THE MAKERS.

Keep your eyes peeled Lowkey’s involvement in a supergroup band project named MONGREL. With Lowkey as the lead emcee, the band also includes members of the ARCTIC MONKEYS, BABYSHAMBLES and REVEREND AND THE MAKERS. This project will surely cement Lowkey’s position as one of the country’s premier lyricists; do not sleep on his remarkable debut!

In My Lifetime is the first official single off Lowkey’s new LP Dear Listener and features Wretch 32 of The Movement.

The track is produced by Quincey Tones one of the UK’s most prominent Hip Hop producers, best known for his recent collaborations with US underground mainstays EMC (Masta Ace, Wordsworth etc…) and internet hit Ma Money feat L’il Wayne, Talib Kweli and Royce Da 5′9.