Ruffneck Intellect Volume One

Ruffneck Intellect

Chronic Redeye first made an impact with their 2006 debut album ‘The All Or Nothing Days’ which was a well received. Then in October 2008 they unleashed their brilliant follow-up ‘Knowledge Is King’ which featured the likes of American underground stars Main Flow and Bronze Nazareth as well as UK talents such as Manage, Conman, Franko Fraize, Lyrical T and Chrome. Now the Chronic Redeye Music familia are entering 2010 with a mixed CD that is set to drag listeners into a realm where no amount of ice or big rims can save the weak from getting crushed under the weight of some real skills. The criteria for the ‘Ruffneck Intellect’ mix series is simple… it’s got to bump hard for the sound systems and it’s got to have depth and lyrical content that goes beyond the standard ignorance that gets peddled by many major labels today. This is real music, this is Hip-Hop and this is something fresh!

For the first entry into this series everyone involved has gone in hard! Covering the spectrum from big glossy productions to smoked out basement freestyles, the CD is set off by Wu Tang affiliates Dezert Eez with an exclusive banger that has to be heard to be believed. The energy levels are continued throughout the CD, with many notable surprises such as the banging collaboration between Wu Killa Bee’s Hell Razah and Timbo King and the Chronic Redeye family of Reds, Franko Fraize and Lyrical T. More exclusives keep coming, including the a killer track from Wolftown’s LATE as well as the head nodder ‘Dog or Snake’ by controversial Mohawk Gang artist Yaeo who also appears on the massive remix of the Chronic Redeye track ‘Rudeboy’ alongside Midlands rapper Conman, Streetz from Bristol and Wolftown Recordings latest signing Manny Moscow from London.

Throughout the works of Chronic Redeye Music the reggae influence has been clear and this release is no exception, with roots and dancehall flavoured tracks littered throughout the mix. One of the sickest and criminally underrated reggae vocalist in the UK right now is Deadly Hunta, who has built links with Chronic Redeye artists after performing on the same line up at shows and pops up on this CD a with a couple of killer contributions. This release also showcases the first recordings from a new alliance formed in Norwich between DPF and Reds who now go under the name ‘Soldjasoulz.’ The perfect combination of DPF’s incredible flow and delivery along with Redeye’s gritty style can be heard on ‘The Burial’ which has them killing a dancehall riddim, a firm nod in the direction these two are moving in. This really is a case of ‘More Fyah’!!!

Full CD Tracklisting…
01 – CONMAN – Intro
02 – DEZERT EEZ – The Hammer
05 – DJ I.C FEAT LYRICAL T & FRANKO FRAIZE – Blood Of the Earth
06 – MOOD – Drugs War & Crime
07 – SOLDJASULZ (DPF & REDS) – All I ever wanted
08 – CONMAN – Streets Unsafe
09 – LATE – Villain Man
10 – ROOK DA RUKUS – Illuminatirulmy
11 – YAEO – Dog Or Snake
12 – MANCINI & THE CREEPERS – Big Bad World
13 – CHROME – Music To Shop To
14 – REDS – Cold World Bars
15 – DPF – Rumours Remix
16 – TOP CAT – Request The Style Dubplate
17 – DEADLY HUNTA – Yes I Will Dubplate
18 – SOLDJASULZ (DPF & REDS) – The Burial
19 – DILLIJENCE FEAT REDS – For Ya Domepiece
21 – RANT – Klub Banger


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Manny Moscow and The Beat Thief – The Russian R3volution


U.K rapper Manny Moscow has been making a name for himself of late, with a succession of solid releases under his belt. After dropping his ‘Three Track Excursion EP’ back in October 2008, he has hooked up some of the most influential people in the European Hip-Hop scene. It all started back in April 2009 when Manny Moscow hooked up Tricksta from UK Runnings to drop his debut mixtape ‘Live From The Kremlin’. Since then he has been on his grind hard, hosting LATE’s ‘Underground Exposure Volume 7’ mixtape and doing exclusives for the likes of DJ Ames, Deluxe from Dark Horse Productions, Jabba Tha Kut, Chronic Redeye, HHB & OYM Records and the legendary DJ Drama. At the start of July 2009 Manny Moscow dropped his second mixtape ‘From London to Berlin’ with Germany’s number one mixtape DJ Easy which has over a 1000 downloads in four days! In the meantime producer and remixer ‘The Beat Thief’ got in touch with Manny Moscow through Park Street PR after hearing his debut mixtape ‘Live From The Kremlin’.

After a string of talks, Moscow agreed to let the Beat Thief have a bunch of accapella’s to remix. The Beat Thief is a talented producer who has spent the last two years promoting DowntownSoul Records, the home of some of most talented UK artists such as OC Jigga, Haka and Shanakee Rap, and has more recently been making a name for himself through his work with Poetic Pilgrimage. This is the first of a trilogy of remix albums from the Beat Thief, which sees him remix and re-conceptualise a project. Here he has done this brilliantly, with bags of creativity and clever ideas and all delivered in two weeks flat! This is Hip-Hop at its best and just shows that with the effort, the inventiveness, and the focus, great things can be achieved. ‘The Russian R3volution”, with a nod to classic boom-bap, Russian Oligarchs and South London all wrapped up in one neat package as Moscow delivers his incomparable flows. Next up from Manny Moscow is a mixtape with the UK mixtape messiah DJ Ames called ‘No Games’ which drops in August, before Manny Moscow dropping his street album ‘The Boy With The Lost Flow’ with Tricksta from UK Runnings and Wolftown. Expect more from Downtown Soul and Heavy Handed in the near future…

01. Putsch (Intro)
02. Chillin Parkside
03. Phoenix Memories
04. Let’s Go
05. New Places
06. Black Da Beat (Feat Spectral)
07. Gangsters Interlude
08. Breakin Bars
09. Things On My Mind
10. M.A.N.N.Y.
11. WAR Interlude
12. Live from the Kremlin Pt 3 (Feat Maveric)
13. Da Gardener
14. Sun Stars
15. Jealousy (Feat Cookie)
16. Archangel (Outro)

Manny Moscow and The Beat Thief – The Russian R3volution

Redeye from Chronic Redeye

What inspired you to become a recording artist?

I grew up around sound system culture from an early age, carrying speaker boxes, attending dances and chatting on the mic, and I wanted to be making the big tunes that everyone loves when it’s booming in the session. I’ve also got to mention Chrome and the Def Tex crew as inspiration as they came up in our area with the true hip hop and showed us how it’s done properly!

When did you release your first song?

in 2003

What have you released to date?

‘Seein Red’ our first CD album, ‘FreeUpThaSound’ a 4 track vinyl EP, ‘The All Or Nothing Days’ CD album and the new CD album ‘Knowledge is King’

Where do you live?

East Anglia

What’s the music scene like there?

It’s bubbling along nicely, there’s a whole heap of artists putting in work making tracks and doing shows, we’ve got promoters putting on big jams and we get treated to heavy sound system sessions. You get people who say there isn’t much of a scene here but that’s ‘cos they’re not getting involved with what’s going on, and while they’re moaning about a lack of a scene we’re out mashing up a live show or raving it up!

Tell people about your latest release and where people can buy it on-line?

It’s a 15 track album called Knowledge Is King. It’s on that rugged raw hip hop vibe with strong reggae and dub influence, content wise there’s something on there that everyone relate to and it provokes the use of your old grey matter talking about issues we all face daily. We ain’t on a preaching tip, more like reporting what we see so you get a snapshot of life in 2008 over boom bap drums! We’ve got Franko Fraize and Lyrical T featuring heavily on the album as they roll with us so it’s more like family than a guest appearance. Other spitters that got down on the album include Main Flow, Bronze Nazareth, Conman, Manage and Syanyde. We’ve also got guest productions from Tricksta, Mr. Laws, Dillijence and Fudalwokit. Its available online at, , and other good places!

What would your dream collaboration be?

They are on the album! Aside from that we’d love to get a track together with a militant reggae artist like Sizzla or Anthony B. Fuckit if you’re talking dream collabo why not get Premier or Necro to make the beat!

What was the last album you purchased?

Mavado – Gangster Story

Have you got any footage on YouTube?

There’s some old footage of me spittin bars in killatunes record shop and some footage of us at eastern haze festival but no actual videos yet.

What do you do to relax?

Burn ital spliffs and eat weak emcees

What’s your favourite radio station?


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