YAEO – Tomahawk Tape -The Prequel

For those heads who are eagerly awaiting the release of YAEO’s ‘Tomahawk Tape’ in early 2010 sturbanclothing.com and mohawkgang.com have got the piff to get you through these cold months, 8 Tracks of heat for Free, all hosted by New York’s finest DJ DELZ! Thats right YAEO’s been growing a beard, working with one of the hottest DJ’s in the game, drinking some straight cognac and spending time in the Lab making that unique sounding Hip-Hop for our listening pleasure.

‘Before Tha Tomahawk Tape’ is the warm up to YAEO’s highly anticipated ‘Tomahawk Tape`…..and…. just like on the ‘Tomahawk Tape’ all beats are exclusive apart from the ‘New York Minute’ Remix by YAEO and WORDSMITH, (two of the most talked about UK rappers), which is a track that both artists shine on and Yes that is also included on the ‘Before Tha Tomahawk Tape’. If you haven’t checked that yet, go and knock yourself out now because the video is a must see.

Don’t get it wrong though this isn’t just some pick a beat, spit and dump it on the internet tape. YAEO has approached this project with a lot of integrity, he deals with issues that his name is surrounded by, but he doesn’t get overly caught up in them. Theres hard and straight battle sh*t, real heart felt tracks, and of course that original YAEO MohawkGang piff.

What other selling points are there…well there are none since this is strictly for the fans for FREE. Highlights there is plenty of HIGHLIGHTS :






DOWNLOAD FREE HERE – YAEO – Tomahawk Tape -The Prequel




UK RUNNINGS & THE URBAN SHOP – 100% Exclusive (Wolftown Recordings)

Oh my gosh it’s finally dropped. The exclusive thirty track mixtape with Tricksta’s first ever DVD release. 10Shott’s opening number ‘Are You Ready?’ got my head nodding from the off, before getting some killer bars from the likes of Swift It Major, Reain, Big Cakes, Logic and Kid Rad before getting contributions from the likes of Manny Moscow, Size8, Conspicuous The Coroner, Unfriendly Neighbours, Jimmy Raygin, Debonair, Bungle, Yaeo, The Souljah Clique, Jai Boo and Double E amongst others. The mix is really tight and benefits from not picking the normal ‘run of the mill UK acts’. The DVD is tight too where we get the UK veteran LATE break down his plans for 2008, as well as getting a music video to his exclusive ‘They Don’t Wanna See Me Blow’ and ‘Just Me’ from his ‘Below Street Level’. The HHBRadio.Com interview made me laugh too, as Lunatrix and Vokal show us behind the scenes of the UK’s number one on-line radio show. Other highlights on the DVD include music videos from Conman, Million Dan and Size8. UK Runnings just shows so much love to UK acts, and for that I have to salute Tricksta. This is the best UK Runnings release to date, and that’s a big statement considering how big that mixtape series actually is. Massively massive. Go buy this now from www.wolftownrecordings.com.


Review by Phillip Gates

Mud Fam Member Yaeo new Banger

Mud Family member and chief of MohawkGangEntertainment – Yaeo has just released his new banger of a single ‘Call Tha Police’ which you can download now on iTunes. The UK premiere of the video for this rebel anthem takes place at TheUrbanShop.co.uk
Yaeo www.bringdaruckus.com
Yaeo has worked with and shined next to some of the biggest names of the uk hip hop scene, Skinnyman, Taskforce and Blade to name a few. Himself a Graf artist for the last 10 years, dropped his first DJ Mixtape in 2000. After the success of widely acclaimed ‘Last of Tha Mohawks’ EP in 2005 Yaeo re-organised his surroundings. In 2008 Yaeo and his Mohawk Gang with their headquaters in Brixton, London, have set out on a mission to enrich the scene with authentic and banging hiphop and rap. The single and video to ‘Call Tha Police’ are the first stop of the Mohawk’s movement campaign/(warpath?). Set in Brixton the song deals with the daily harrassment and violence towards local communities. At the same time it is a tribute to Jean Charles de Menezes who was innocently shot by a gang of police officers at Stockwell tube station in the aftermath of the 7/7 bombings. Watch for Yaeo featured on the DeeJay Tomahawk mixtape and Yaeo’s highly anticipated solo album entitled ‘No Comment’