Graffiti for Wii

whatever next? What happened to jumping over fences, train tracks and spaying up good old British Rail. Wooops that illegal, may be Wii are encouraging illegal activity what’s your view
Borrowed from

The Wii Spray concept project by University of Weimar’s Martin Lihs is now a reality, as you can see in this video. You can pick colors pointing at patches, and even use stencils.

The toy itself doesn’t require a Wii to work: It uses Flash on a normal PC as the platform, and the Wiimote as the controller. However, I wish Nintendo and its developers could look at this and be more creative about the use of the Wiimote. Even while this will require a big screen, I think kids will love to paint like this on their TVs, while parents will be happy for them not use spray or crayons over real walls.


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