Skream in The Sun

Is Dubstep really that big now that we see it in The Sun? Anyway they do manage to chat with Skream and plug a few names, names and radio stations so check out the complete article and check his picture he look 12, I need to stay up all night in clubs djing if that’s what it does for you.
Original Post
Star in the making ... Skream

Starting out life as reggae-influenced garage in the late nineties, it has
slowly morphed into its current state as a genre that draws on a variety of
different musical influences, from jazz and electro, to indie and hip hop.

One of the key players in the dubstep scene is SKREAM (AKA Ollie
Jones), a prolific DJ/producer hailing from Croydon.

“Apart from myself, key players in the scene would have to be KODE9,
PLASTICIAN…that’s just the ones I can think of off the top of my

“Club-wise you’ve got Stealth in Nottingham, the Tuesday club in
Sheffield, the West Indian Centre in Leeds, Mass in Brixton, and Forward at
Plastic People in Shoreditch.”


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