RAPPER K – Long Time Coming

RAPPER K - Long Time Coming

RAPPER K - Long Time Coming

RAPPER K – Long Time Coming (Black Book International USA – Album)

Rapper K is the latest member of South Park Coalition to drop a full-length album. ‘Long Time Coming’ is a fifteen track album mostly produced by ex-Rap-A-Lot Records artist Dope-E. Now I’m a be honest, Rapper K’s flow and style is kind of basic, don’t expect mad fast double-tempo flows, also don’t expect lyrics of materialism either, as this is straight uplifting, knowledge ridden positive Hip-Hop. It does show however show great crossover potential with jazz-fused cuts like ‘Live And Learn’ and ‘I’ll Get Back To You’. The biggest cut on this album though has to be ‘South Park’ where Rapper K goes hard alongside SPC veterans like K-Rino, Klondike Kat and Dope-E. Thugstar and Murder One also kill it on ‘Hit The Highway’ and K-Rino on ‘I Ain’t No Gangsta’ is something else! This album is a well rounded debut from Rapper K and is another notch on SPC’s belt. Good music with stamina.

Rapper K
South Park Coalition

Review by Phillip Gates


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