Bathing Ape vrs Nintendo

We just came across some streetwear news doubt these babies will reach the UK but it’s worth a look, bet you’ll find fakes on e-bay;-(
Bathing Ape vrs Nintendo @

Bathing Ape, or Bape for short, is a Japanese street-wear clothing company owned by music producer Nigo that caters to young, fashion-savvy urban youth who apparently have way too much money to burn. A couple months ago, the company collaborated with Nintendo to create an exclusive (and subsequently, very rare) Nintendo DS ($167) bedazzled with Mario and the now famous BAPE logo.

Now they’re releasing a line of T-shirts and fleece sweatshirts for their fans who just can’t get enough of high-priced gear. The “Mario to Milo” series will feature Nintendo’s classic Italian plumber and Bape’s favorite monkey, Milo. The prints will be prominently featured on crew-neck sweatshirts, hoodies, and T-shirts alike, and will be available at various online retailers starting at a surprisingly affordable $175. Wait a second, $175 for a white T-shirt?


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