Urban Clothing, Streetwear or Street wear somebodys confused

Our mates over at The Urban Shop wrote this post and we found it amusing so take a read, it’s kinda funny, interesting and informative all at the same time and poking fun somewhere.

The media loves to give everything a name hoodies for example that took the name of an harmless piece of clothing and attached it to a new for gangs of kids not realising what bad press they were giving the garment even to the extreme that certain big shopping centers banned the wearing of hoodies on their premises, but at least they had a new box to put people into. Then a long comes the internet harmless in it’s self but a new generation sprung up who are wanting to search and buy online and how do they find what they are looking for keywords so once again adding to the confusion of our language. So where’s this leading? Well here it can get confusing take the hoodie example we www.theurbanshop.co.uk sell them and people search for them but are they looking to buy a hoodie or are they looking for information on hoodie gangs? Who knows but it does get complicated.

Let’s take a new and common phrase “urban clothing” what the hell does that mean?

Urban – a built up area
Clothing – something you wear

So if that’s it where’s the confusion? I think the phrase urban clothing became associated with the hip hop clothing scene a while back and when some people search for urban clothing they are meaning hip hop clothing brands like Ecko, Fubu, Mecca and Sean John but then aren’t we at danger of putting people in boxes do people who are into hip hop only wear hip hop related clothing brands? I think the answer is complex I think certain artists and lets use hip hop as the example have an alliance or connection with certain clothing brand take G-Unit both a hip hop group and a clothing label or Sean John or as we know him P Diddy unless he’s changed it again. Then we have companies that grow up in the hip hop era like Ecko and Mark Ecko the founder as probably had his clothes on the back of every major hip hop artist for the last decade helping to create that link between his clothing company and hip hop.

So we can see some connection there between urban clothing and hip hop but could equally be called city clothing hey a city is urban init? And not every person in any given city is gonna dress the same hell they aint even gonna be dressing in the same style so saying urban clothing is hip hop clothing is wrong but there is a connection but equally urban clothing could be skate clothing, indie clothing, retro clothing so I think we are getting the point that urban clothing is just a name used as a container for just about any style of clothing that we wanna chuck in there and then just as you are getting used to it along comes street wear or is it streetwear is that clothing you wear in the street as opposed to in bed I dunno probably just a new box for marketers to repackage there old clothing companies.


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