Blek Le Rat exhibition in LA

Gotta be online somewhere for those of us that cant just wizz off to LA Blek Le Rat is a graffiti legend I think at some point even Banksy said that he’s never managed to do anything that Blek le Rat had not done before him
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Blek le Rat “Art is Not Peace, But War”

“A pioneer of graffiti writers in Europe, Blek le Rat was one of the first people to use stencils to make public art on the street using icons instead of writing his name. His method of creating street art changed the face of graffiti and still continues to greatly influence artists around the world. Most recently, he pasted hundreds of posters around Paris of Florence Aubenas, a French journalist who was kidnapped in Iraq, hoping to provoke a reaction from politicians and journalists and aid in her release. This project gained Blek incredible public support, and has encouraged him to continue to use his Street Art as a voice for the less fortunate.”

If you are in L.A. during April 5th-May 2nd, go see this. More information about the exhibit and Blek le Rat’s impact on Street Art, can be found at�Subliminal Projects Gallery.