Benga Diary of an Afro Warrior

Seems a pity that you can download this album from various sites and it’s not due for release until March. I know I already have a copy
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The most anticipated dubstep album of 2008 (so far) will finally be released in March.

Benga unveils Diary of an Afro Warrior

Dubstep heads have been paying up to �30 for promos of Benga’s Diary of an Afro Warrior since it surfaced last month, but for the more skint among us, the wait is nearly over.

Magic Fashion Show USA

nice to see what happing with urban fashion in the US I’m sure some will filter over to the UK
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Everyone has been talking about how amazing the “MAGIC” tradeshow is… and how much we need to be there… so we decided to make a trip out….Since we took around 800 photos a day I am going to break this blog post up into all the different days we attended.

Free Download from TheUrbanShop

Free podcast from the owner at of music “he” likes and we like it to.
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John Lee Hooker & Miles Davis – Murder
Throbbing Gristle – Zyclon B Zombie
CSS – Art Bitch
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
Benga – Night
LKJ – Five Nights of Bleeding
Prince Far I – Dub to Africa
Shitdisco – I know Kung Fu
The Raincoats – You’re A Million
Maceo – Soul Power ‘74
The Meters – People Say
Etta James & BB King – There is Something on my Mind

Kraftwerk – Radioactive(remix)


Mentat Show Free hip hop downloads

Came across these free hip hop downloads and just wanted to share them
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You can now grab some freestyles from the download section, including The Cypher on The Mentat Show which features top UK artist Loudmouth, Mentalist, Lethal aka Harry Shotta, Pyro, Skillit, K-Nite and DJ Shorty. Also you can grab a section of the Lethal and Destruction Mix CD “Weapons Of Mass Destruction”.