Skrill – Whats My Name

Scrilla was raised in London, schooled in Bermondsey and further educated in Lewisham and Leicester. In his college days Scrilla started taking rapping seriously and began realising his potential. From a young age he would imitate his favourite rappers however his talent really shone through and he further progressed when he went to university. After forming relationships with fellow rappers during his studies, Scrilla and a group of friends decided to form a rap crew. The group had 5 members-Scrilla, 12-gauge, D-man, Playboi and Cesar. As the group was becoming known, there was an unfortunate incident and they lost group member Playboi who passed away. This had a lasting effect on the crew and the remaining quad decided they would go their separate ways and remain friends. It was at this point Scrilla started his solo career without realising, but because of the demands of university he found it difficult to really pursue a career in music. In 2004, Scrilla graduated from Leicester and with music still embedded in his mind he started recording again. In 2008, he penned his 1st solo track (It’s A Rap) taken from his upcoming album and now he is about to embrace the world of music with both arms as he prepares to drop his album ‘Bangers n Cash’. The wait is almost over and he’s ready to let his music do the talking… it’s time for the takeover!


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