What inspired you to become a music producer?
I started off as a DJ, and I was using my decks a lot for remixing stuff. This got me interested in how the music works and whats involved in making tracks, so I went out and got a little Boss SP505 sampler, and within 5 minutes of playing around with that I was hooked.

When did you release your first song?
My first official release was a remix I did on an EP Dap C did with Lil Wayne. He asked me to remix a track called Bang Bang Bang, and it made it on the release.

What have you released to date?
I have 2 instrumental EP’s. I’ve started making these little 4 track EP’s that sample movie soundtracks, so there’s one out called The Instrumental Affair, which samples The Thomas Crown Affair and the other is District 9. I also have some of my work on three mixtapes from UK artist Marvelous, as well as my mixtape with DJ Ames.

What’s the music scene like where you live?

I’ve recently moved here, and there’s not much of a hip hop scene really. I used to live in Reading and that has a better urban music scene. Not just musically either, there are more shops in Reading that cater to an urban culture. Basingstoke really needs to some good club nights and DJ’s. There could be a good urban scene here if it was done right.

Tell people about your latest release and where people can buy it on-line?
My latest release is a collabo between myself and DJ Ames. He runs a series of mixtapes called International Hustle – Producers Edition. He’s had producers like Nottz, Sev and LT-moe invloved and for volume 6, he came to me. So it’s entirely produced by myself and it’s got artists on there like Lil Wayne, Dap C, Skinnyman, Jim Jones, The Game, Joe Budden, Kid Rad, Geejay and loads more. It’s also got exclusive tracks like the one I did with G Unit/Infamous artist 40 Glocc. You can download it for free from

How long did it take to make your last project?
It was a collection of tracks that I had either from older releases or material that was new and ready to drop. It took about 3 weeks to get together and make sure everything was right I guess. A lot of the tracks needed remixing and tidying up though because though I knew I could make them sound better. My album is taking a lot longer though lol.

Any plans to work with any overseas artists?

I’ve already worked with a number of big US artists like 40 Glocc, The Game and Jadakiss, and I’m really keen to work with some more. THere’s a chance I may get a track from Papoose for my album too which would be pretty cool. The language barrier maybe a problem, but I would love to work with some French rappers like Ali too

What would your dream collaboration be?
I would’ve loved to have worked with Michael Jackson. That would have really been a highlight in my life. I would love to do a track with Rakim or KRS too. I wouldn’t mind getting my Mark Ronson on, and working with someone like Lily Allen aswell.

Have you got any footage on YouTube?
I have a few lil promo videos on there. Check out:

Kid Rad – Money, Gwop, Paper

Marvelous – Tour Chick

Marvelous – This Is My Life (Vlad TV)

Dap C feat. Phil Ashmore – Never Look Back (Vlad TV)

What do you do to relax?
I play way too much Xbox, especially Call Of Duty. I love getting to the F1 season. Gonna be backing my boy Lewis. I like to go shopping for vinyl too, getting more sample resources. Oh and shopping for kicks. I got about 60 pairs of rare trainers, that can be an expensive addiction

What’s your favourite radio station?
I don’t really listen to much UK radio to be honest. I get Hot 97 on my iPhone and online, so I listen to that a lot. 1Xtra gets tuned in to every now and then, but the trouble I find with most radio stations that claim to be playing “real hip hop” end up playing the watered down commercial stuff, and I aint really in to that too much.

Before you go give us your website and MySpace address.

You can get at me at


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