Cyclonious – Simple


From the streets of East London to the ears of the world Cyclonious is the rapper with a message that involves all. His style is probably best described as raw and uncompromising, as well as being a gimmick free artist for real hip-hop heads. ‘Simple’ is the second track to be taken from his forthcoming debut album ‘The Revival’ and is a smooth hip-hop track with a powerful message. This motivational and inspiring single is for those who enjoy food for thought. ‘We’re all caught in the minority report, most are blindfolded and get cut short’ giving listeners the chance to make up their own minds. Are you a part of the struggle or you against it? Cyclonious writes raps and shares from experience. Born and raised in East London, his history in producing music for other rap artists and appearing on various mix tapes has led him to a debut that is revered by DJ’s and loved by fans. Cyclonious is destined for big things and this is the perfect follow-up to the well received first single ‘What’s A Postcode?’ We love Cyclonious and are sure you will too. This is real talk and talk that needs to be listened too! This is real Hip-Hop music.

To find out more on the single ‘Simple’, the forthcoming debut album ‘The Revival’ or more on Cyclonious himself please visit: Cyclonious


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