Manny Moscow – Blood On Ice

In one year Manny Moscow has cemented himself in UK Hip-Hop scene by unleashing a string of successful underground mixtapes with the likes of UK Runnings, DJ Ames, DJ Easy from Germany, Downtown Soul and Underground Exposure, as well as more recently recording an EP with dubstep producer Juttla for release on Eastern Pressure Records. He has just collaborated with New York producer Herb Middleton who worked with the likes of Nas, Notorious B.I.G, Mary J Blige & more. Manny Moscow is set for big things.

Here we get the follow-up mixtape to last October’s massive ‘Boy With The Lost Flow’. This is indeed Manny Moscow’s third mixtape with UK Runnings and is just as electrifying as his previous releases. Here we production from Tricksta with him giving up deadly beats for the ‘Intro’ & ‘Outro’, as well three killer collaborations; the old skool tinged ‘Walk In The Park’ featuring OYM Records artist Kid Rad and one of the UK’s leading scratch DJ’s Jabba Tha Kut, ‘Illusions’ featuring Midlands rapper Reload and ‘Skin Deep’ feat the UK Rapscallion LATE.

Manny Moscow also comes with a big freestyle collobo with Iron Braydz and enlists the talents of producers Juttla on ‘Restless’ and Mr. Bills on ‘Therapy’. With a total of eighteen tracks this mixtape is destined for big things, as well as keeping the fans happy until he unleashes his debut album on Wolftown Recordings which is currently in the making.

01 – Intro (Produced by Tricksta)
02 – Fresh Juice
03 – King’s Blood
04 – Bang For The Cause Feat Iron Braydz
05 – The Restoration
06 – A Walk In The Park Feat Kid Rad & Jabba Tha Kut (Produced by Tricksta)
07 – Two Bits
08 – Restless (Produced By Juttla)
09 – Midtro (Produced by Tricksta)
10 – Standards
11 – Illusions Feat Reload (Produced by Tricksta)
12 – Release
13 – Take Notice
14 – Skin Deep Feat LATE (Produced by Tricksta)
15 – Re-Cycle
16 – Therapy (Produced By Mister Bilz)
17 – Choppy Tides
18 – Outro (Produced by Tricksta)

Manny Moscow – Blood On Ice


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