Five Easy Pieces

24-year-old, Denton-based DJ Five Easy Pieces. With an extensive music background not limited to spinning tracks, Five Easy Pieces, a.k.a. Nick Amendola, has been in a number of bands including Almost Famous, The Kinetic Sense, Bob White & The F-Electrics, and Goldilocks & The Rock. And he’s been DJing since 2007, with influences ranging from, in his words, “ska-pop punk-emo-hardcore-noise-skronk to art pop-stoner rock-lo-fi pop”.

1. Animal Collective — Daily Routine (Phaseone Remix)
2. Drake – Forever (Nosaj Thing Remix)
3. Lil’ Wayne — I Feel Like Dying (Flying Lotus Remix)
4. Kollosus — Breakin’ Bread (Phaseone Remix)
5. Zomby — U Are My Fantasy (Street Fighter II Theme Remix)
6. The XX – Islands (Nosaj Thing Remix)
7. Staygold — (ft. Spank Rock and Robyn)-Backseat
8. Robyn and Diplo — No Hassle
9. Joy Orbison — The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow

Five Easy Pieces

Pusherman Socialite

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