BADNEWZ – The Flipside

Badnewz a.k.a Newz comes straight out of Essex on his own imprint Front Line Recordings. Newz started rhyming back in 2006 and hasn’t looked back since! He has unique style and sound and is already getting a good response from a bunch of the leading tastemakers here in the UK. ‘The Flipside’ is without a doubt Front Line Recordings biggest release so far and it’s obvious to see why with some quality production from the likes of Menace, Wazza Dizzle, Hossy, Kamma, Dirty Deedz, Sly Rakkoon and Slotz, as well as features from Smart Alex, Oneway, Charlie P, Keita and Jack The Lad. Badnewz has arrived… and arrived in style!

01 – Intro
02 – Flipside (Produced by Menace)
03 – What Do You Know Feat Smart Alex (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
04 – Get Down Feat Oneway and Charlie P (Produced by Hossy)
05 – When Will You See Feat Keita (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
06 – Broken Britain Feat Oneway and Jack The Lad (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
07 – Black Clouds (Produced by Menace)
08 – Sarga (Produced by Menace)
09 – Freestyle Feat Kamma and Smart Alex (Produced by Karma)
10 – Dreams Feat Rosie (Produced by Dirty Deedz)
11 – On Your Doorstep Feat Oneway (Produced by Sly Rakkoon)
12 – Ruk It Out (Produced by Dirty Deedz)
13 – Game Ova Feat Oneway and Smart Alex (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
14 – Only One Feat Oneway, Charlie P and Rosie (Produced by Menace, Dirty Deedz & Hossey)
15 – Deedz Freestyle (Produced by Dirty Deedz)
16 – 1000 Years (Produced by Slotz)
17 – Dats How It Is (Produced by Menace)
18 – Harder Times Feat Oneway (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)

BADNEWZ – The Flipside


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