Heist and the Sumo Beatz Podcast

Sumo Beatz is the new Flagship Label Launched By Heist (Sturban Clothing sponsored DJ) & Benny Co Lab for putting out tracks that they feel are the biggest they can find. Big Dj support is a must for a Sumo Beatz release and the chances are that If house hold drum n bass names like Groove Rider, Fabio, Hype, Hazard, Goldie and others are supporting it – then its most likely to be getting a release on the label. Only the Biggest, Phattest, Beatz will be coming out! First Release is by Heist, tracks are ‘Barny Rubal’ BW ’40 Hertz Skank’ out on promo right now. Check out their MySpace

1. DJ Die & Interface – Bright Lights – Clear Skyz
2. Agent Alvin – Moonlight Bay – Dub
3. All Theives – Starz (Zero T Remix) – Dub
4. Heist – I Need Killers – Sumo Beatz
5. Disaszt & Shimon Feat Coppa – Rumours – Dub
6. The Prototypes – Predator – Dub
7. Eveson – Marly – Creative Source
8. Medicin – Mobuis Strip (Tantrum Desire Remix) – Formation
9. Pleasure & Origin – Pins & Needles – Co Lab Recordings
10. Sensai – Rebellion – Calypso Muzak
11. Snoop Dogg – Sexual Seduction Booty – Dub
12. Zero T & Ulterior Motive – Breach – Dub
13. Foul Play – Being With You 09 – Dub
14. Killa Hurtz – Trinity – Image Recordings
15. Dan Miracle – Kinky Bitch – Dub
16. Heist – Alliance – Dub
17. Dwele – I think I love You (Zero T remix) – Dub

Heist with the Sumo Beatz Podcast
Back Catalogue


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