MR DRASTICK – So Mant Devils


By now everyone’s familiar with what would appear to be, the age old story of the unsigned rapper taking the independent route, hustling mixtapes on the streets and out of the boot of his/her car. But for MR DRASTICK, this myth really was a reality. Taking inspiration from those before him along with a Ghanaian seriousness and work ethic, combined with an actual lyrical talent that separated him from the majority of MC’s turned entrepreneurs. MR DRASTICK sold over 15,000 of his first ‘GLADITORIAL PASSION VOL 1’ mix-tape (2005), chances are you probably were approached by the man himself already.

This hugely popular underground release which also featured the talents of DOC BROWN and the POISONOUS POETS, soon began picking up recognition from mainstream media outlets, becoming ‘MIX-TAPE OF THE WEEK’ on DEV’s mix-tape review show on BBC 1XTRA, and single of the week for the song ‘THEY SWEAR’ (Video on YouTube) on G Money’s show (also on BBC 1XTRA) who called DRASTICK… ‘One of the most exciting artistes I’ve heard in the last 5 years….’

He was also bestowed with the ‘U.K MIX-TAPE KING’ title on SPIT TV Sky channel 360. That was early 2006, three weeks before the video for the single had even been shown on Channel U!!! (now known as Channel AKA). With no intentions of resting, MR DRASTICK released his début album THE GLADIATORS ANTHEM in 2008 which blessed him with the opportunity to tour the UK, and perform at a few events in Australia. The album received many great reviews such as 5 stars from NME magazine, 4 stars from HHC magazine, and 4 stars from DJ magazine.

Even after a string of close family members passing one after the other in a freakish period of MR DRASTICK’S life, the 25 year old still maintains a brave, positive and ambitious attitude. Instead of MR DRASTICK losing hope and his passion to continue striving for more success, MR DRASTICK took his pain and humour in to the studio and completed his 2010 mix tape SO MANY DEVILS. The eagerly anticipated SO MANY DEVILS was released on 11th JAN from his web site and has already been downloaded by over 1,100 people. Only four days after the release date. Proving that, this man is the rapper to watch for 2010.

MR DRASTICK – So Mant Devils


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