On this sub-zero temperature, panic-buying Gingsters of a 2010 show we have:

Beast 1333 joins us for one of the most thought-provoking and enlightening interviews in the history of this show. Like the man himself, our description of the content of this interview is restricted by the number of words available to us in the English language. I doubt anything could prepare you for what you are about to hear in this epic feature – your perspective may be changed for ever. The truth hurts and this interview will put you in hospital.Essential listening.

QN5’s PackFM is with us and is in fine spirits as we review 2009 and reflect upon the Happy Days ahead, with all of the wit and irony you have come to expect from one of hip hop’s most inquiring minds. Listen as the homosexual content of some artists lyrics is brought into question and basque in the dry sarcasm of this whole 30 minute experience. We still find time to talk album, Twitter and even an open offer to Susan Boyle to come collab with the QN5 camp.

Eternia steps in, full of gusto and excitement, to break down some of the unavoidable barriers and stereotypes surrounding her image and explains how 2010 will inadvertently redefine her dated label as ‘Canada’s Dopest Female Emcee” to simply “Hip Hop’s Dopest Emcee”. Charmingly entertaining throughout, you will not help but love Eternia’s music even more after hearing the woman herself, as she kindly offers Susan Boyle a 5 step plan to increase her attractiveness. Simon, don’t say we aren’t trying to help out here.

Mystro jumps off stage to talk about his recent Tim Westwood show inclusion, fueled by Twitter power alone and manages to explain why the only important names left out of his UK Rap Up 2009 track were Mista Montana and Menace. Brief but pleasurable.

We premiere over 4 hours of 2010 hip hop including brand new non-web exclusives from the likes of Canibus, Pete Rock, Royce Da 5 9, JoJo Pellegrino, Sean Price,Reflection Eternal, Susan Boyle and many artists you probably have never heard before.



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