Banksy vrs King Robbo

Banksy has painted a mural over a rival’s work, which had been left untouched for more than 25 years, this has provoked an online assault against one of the country’s most popular artists.Scathing remarks were posted on internet forums about Banksy’s image of a workman pasting over a wall of graffiti in Camden, North London. The painting covered up the work of Robbo, a renowned street artist who pioneered the capital’s graffiti tagging scene in the 1980s.

It appears that Robbo returned to the site over Christmas to paint “King Robbo” in giant letters over Banksy’s work. It appears as though Banksy’s character is painting the phrase, thus paying homage to Robbo.

Personally I dont think it’s the done think to paint over another writers work unless of cause you are the local council but that is accepted. I dont think this will do either artist any harm, the core “real” graffiti heads will think it’s sacrilege and the people that buy Banksy will be rubbing their hands has he gets more publicity and the price of his works go up yet again, but whats your view, right, wrong a nice update of an old work, there’s still photo’s of the original King Robbo piece. We’d be happy to post up comments from Banksy or King Robbo.

Taken from the Sturban Clothing Blog (with permission)

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