YAEO – Tomahawk Tape -The Prequel

For those heads who are eagerly awaiting the release of YAEO’s ‘Tomahawk Tape’ in early 2010 sturbanclothing.com and mohawkgang.com have got the piff to get you through these cold months, 8 Tracks of heat for Free, all hosted by New York’s finest DJ DELZ! Thats right YAEO’s been growing a beard, working with one of the hottest DJ’s in the game, drinking some straight cognac and spending time in the Lab making that unique sounding Hip-Hop for our listening pleasure.

‘Before Tha Tomahawk Tape’ is the warm up to YAEO’s highly anticipated ‘Tomahawk Tape`…..and…. just like on the ‘Tomahawk Tape’ all beats are exclusive apart from the ‘New York Minute’ Remix by YAEO and WORDSMITH, (two of the most talked about UK rappers), which is a track that both artists shine on and Yes that is also included on the ‘Before Tha Tomahawk Tape’. If you haven’t checked that yet, go and knock yourself out now because the video is a must see.

Don’t get it wrong though this isn’t just some pick a beat, spit and dump it on the internet tape. YAEO has approached this project with a lot of integrity, he deals with issues that his name is surrounded by, but he doesn’t get overly caught up in them. Theres hard and straight battle sh*t, real heart felt tracks, and of course that original YAEO MohawkGang piff.

What other selling points are there…well there are none since this is strictly for the fans for FREE. Highlights there is plenty of HIGHLIGHTS :






DOWNLOAD FREE HERE – YAEO – Tomahawk Tape -The Prequel


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