Beaverhuntz (sickfile and seism) – die if you can

Here is a new cool mix from Beaverhuntz (better known as sickfile and seism). The mix is called “die if you can” and consists of dubstep, lazer-bassline and glitch-hop tunes.

01 jason segal – draculas lament
02 blunt instruments – walk like an egyptian (dark alley remix)
03 freddy todd – blowin good
04 beats antique feat. pied piper and bk2 – michael jackson/mlk mashup
05 gouseion – we´re in highschool (graintable remix)
06 inaudible – game theory
07 beats antique/ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong – derivation/summertime (beaverhuntz exclusive)
08 troels abrahamsen – worksong
09 an-ten-nae – bang that
10 martyparty – gangsteppin
11 ben samples – players anthem
12 pantyraid – enter the machine
13 lil wayne/swollen members – fireman (samples glitch retouch)/pornstar (beaverhuntz refix)
14 robot koch – hard to find
15 flying lotus feat. lil wayne – robo tussin
16 akira kiteshi – ulysses
17 lil wayne – lollipop (nasty ways remix)
18 propa tingz – hustlers concerto (boss dub)
19 yenks – jumbo shrimp
20 bassnectar – love here (bassnectar remix)
21 kool keith feat. yeti beats – photo session
22 swollen members – my life

Beaverhuntz (sickfile and seism) – die if you can


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