Gallows, Lovvers and Male Bonding

Lock up your daughters and batten down the hatches, because FLY53 are coming to London to celebrate our fifteenth year of life, and to see out 2009 like only we can. FLY have teamed up with Vice magazine and Sailor Jerry to create THE party of 2009. To ensure that you wake up feeling like roadkill, we have drafted in GALLOWS, LOVVERS and MALE BONDING to tear up the stage. Holding the ship steady all night will be a DJ sets by Rolo Tomassi, Sexbeat, Holy Roar, The A-Team, Jonathan Rockwell and Laurent Bernard (from Gallows)

Just in case your minds and souls have been poisoned by the unforgivable reality music shows to the point where you have not heard of these acts, heres the 411….

The five piece from Watford have this year released their second album ‘Grey Britain’ which has been receiving high scores from the people who ‘decide’ what music is good, and is a further kick to the balls of the ‘Punk Purists’ waiting to tear this band down. Bring your fists and meet us in the pit because their set is going to hit harder than Chuck Norris’s roundhouse kick.

Male Bonding epitomize what it is to be a DIY musician by releasing their material through their own label Paradise Vendors Inc. they join the growing number of talent not defined by major music labels. Male Bonding was a former (pre) name for the legendary Sonic Youth, themselves champions of a DIY scene that generated the sound of rock emerging in 80’s New York.

The combination of Grunge/Tropical/Surf music understates the energy that their music generates live so maybe leave the board shorts and Hawaiian shirts at home.

Lovvers are pop-punk, devoid of cheesiness and studio polish, something all too familiar with the genre. The band are plainly loud! Their albums sound like the band have recorded in one room, live with the amps at Spinal Tap level and the engineer tied up in the control room.

Born in the mid 90s from a limited series t-shirt collection, FLY53 has grown into one of the most innovative street fashion labels in the UK. Fly53 produces the very best wearable and original garments. Staying true to its heritage, the brand continues to collaborate with musicians and artists, injecting integrity, creativity and quality into an increasingly bland corporate market.

Friday 18th December at Scrutton St. Warehouse, 73-75 Scrutton Street, London EC2A 4PJ.



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