London producer Haka first made a name for himself making beats with the likes of Logic (PDC), Lowkey (Poisonous Poets) and Mic Assassin (Elite Team). In 2007 Haka then began working with singer Kalldean from the legendary UK rap group So Solid Crew, as well as talents such as Big Cakes, Nathan Adams & DVS. A year later, in 2008 Haka decided it was time to create his production debut which involved all of the best artists he had worked with since 2006. This would be the birth of the nineteen track project known as Underground Journeys, one of 2009’s most cutting-edge home-grown releases.

The genre of the CD is mainly Hip Hop with R&B and alternative elements. Haka’s aim was not to solely focus on one theme, like most artists & producers, but to attack the project with an open mind and not restrict himself to a certain style throughout the album. Hence, Haka has put together a variety of Hip-Hop themes for this project, which range from the more street sound right over to the more conscious and heart felt vibe.

Early response from tracks on this CD have been superb with DJ Excalibah supporting ‘Makes Me Say’ on his Pyro Radio, as well as other tracks from the CD getting recognition and support from other leading UK DJ’s such as DJ Ames, DJ Harry Love and Tricksta & UK Runnings. Haka is currently working on several projects in 2009 to be released next year including co-producing the debut album for South London based rapper N/A, along with well-respected producer Jetsun Beats. Expect more from the British beat-maker real soon. Its Downtown Soul, Haka style… please support the cause and get up on some quality UK Hip-Hop.

01 – Intro – Silent, OC Jigga, Ethnico
02 – London State of Mind – Insane, Rowdy, Aggo D
03 – Makes Me Say – Non Applicable
04 – All Bout Money –
05 – All Luv – Big Cakes, Logic, Kalldean
06 – If Roads Your Life – Non Applicable
07 – Make It – T16
08 – London’s Calling – DVS, OC Jigga
09 – Timeout Pt 2 – OC Jigga
10 – Strong Arm – Nathan Heights, OC Jigga, Naja Soze
11 – N.A.M.E. – Non Applicable
12 – Riders – Smerkz, OC Jigga, Danz, Kearz
13 – Rough with the Smooth – Logic, Big Cakes, Tamara
14 – Live my Life – Logic
15 – We Got Dat – OC Jigga, Kearz
16 – Who Are You – Mic Assassin
17 – Fuckin with the Team – Danz, OC Jigga
18 – Bang Bang – Ethnico
19 – Dats my Shit – Fada KId, OC Jigga, Smerkz, Kearz

,a href=”http://www.datpiff.com/Enzym_Prod_DowntownSoul_Haka_Beats_Underground.m76425.html” target=”_blank”>HAKA Presents – UNDERGROUND JOURNEYS


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