Big Cakes – Money Talks… So Listen

Big Cakes - Money Talks

‘Money Talks… So Listen’ is the brand new mixtape from London rapper Big Cakes and features production from the likes of Rainmayqah, Morfius, Kilinikal, Grade, VLM, K Nite, Asaviour, Micall Parknsun, Tricksta from Wolftown and Del Boy as well as featuring collaborations with Dalmighty Ego, Raggo Zulu Rebel, Cocotone and TB/TBear. Twenty three tracks deep this is definitely on of the biggest UK releases of the year and is an excellent display from a talented artist & performer.

01. Intro featuring Dalmighty Ego
02. Origarmy [Get It] (produced by Rainmayqah)
03. Money Talks (produced by Rainmayqah)
04. Skit
05. Pees & Beens featuring English (produced by Morfius)
06. Get Gwap (Kilinikal Productionz)
07. All About My Money (produced by Grade)
08. Hoes Get No Dough (produced by VLM)
09. Heard About It (produced by K Nite)
10. Its Alright (produced by Asaviour)
11. One For The Money feat Dalmighty Ego (produced by Micall Parknsun)
12. For My Hustlers [freestyle]
13. Skit featuring Dalmighty Ego
14. Washing Machine [Exclusive] featuring Logic (produced by Grade)
15. Skit featuring Raggo Zulu Rebel
16. Straight Knowledge featuring Raggo Zulu Rebel (produced by Rainmayqah)
17. That’s Gangsta [freestyle]
18. Its All Cake featuring Cocotone (produced by Tricksta)
19. Reh Teh Teh (produced by Grade)
20. Money Talks RMX (produced by Del Boy)
21. Skit featuring TB
22. Heaven & Hell featuring TB (produced by K Nite)
23. Outro [freestyle]

Big Cakes – Money Talks… So Listen


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