Next Retail

I love the rants from G @ Sturban Clothing he’s such a funny and passionate guy.

Once again the internet and internet clothing retail seems to be getting bad press and it’s not some small fly by night company it’s a company with over 500 retail high street outlets that was established in 1964. So what all the fuss well apparently a number of companies are not taking payments for item not just online, when you go to pay they are setting you up with an account and instead of buying a £50 jacket you are ending up with a jacket but an account and a credit limit of £500. What’s wrong with that well nothing if you know about it, are informed and about it and were given a decision to make but this is not the case. So who’s the number one named company? None less than UK based fashion retail outlet Next, shame on you Next. It’s not only next but also some insurance companies and other, when approached next said words to the effect that they will be changing their payment process but it will be early 2010, come on Next it’s a 2 hour job and you have the resources.

The thing that gets me is when I shop online I want the price I see to be the price I pay, I don’t want shipping added, I don’t want to be browsing a general public retail then be told they need to add VAT, if you sell to the general public in an EU member state you have to charge VAT so why remove it? I’ll tell you why to make prices look cheaper than your competitors. Personally I refuse to fly Ryanair because I was booking a flight with them and they wanted to charge me a transaction fee OK common on flight tickets but this was not a transaction fee it was an extra charge not £5 per transaction but £5 per flight so 2 people return flights that’s £20. whilst I’m ranting I remember another time an airline tried to charge me a fee to book a seat, it’s OK I’m happy to be allocated on arrival sorry you cant, Ok in that case I’ll stand (which I know is illegal) sorry you cant OK so I have to pay this extra charge so why didn’t you add it on the ticket price? To make you look cheaper than your competitors.

Genius I have an idea I’m going to reduce all products on site £1, then charge £10 postage and packing, £10 transaction fee, best add 15% VAT, and maybe a fee for actually making the garment. Yeah ridiculous init? So why do YOU put up with it.


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