Manny Moscow and The Beat Thief – The Russian R3volution


U.K rapper Manny Moscow has been making a name for himself of late, with a succession of solid releases under his belt. After dropping his ‘Three Track Excursion EP’ back in October 2008, he has hooked up some of the most influential people in the European Hip-Hop scene. It all started back in April 2009 when Manny Moscow hooked up Tricksta from UK Runnings to drop his debut mixtape ‘Live From The Kremlin’. Since then he has been on his grind hard, hosting LATE’s ‘Underground Exposure Volume 7’ mixtape and doing exclusives for the likes of DJ Ames, Deluxe from Dark Horse Productions, Jabba Tha Kut, Chronic Redeye, HHB & OYM Records and the legendary DJ Drama. At the start of July 2009 Manny Moscow dropped his second mixtape ‘From London to Berlin’ with Germany’s number one mixtape DJ Easy which has over a 1000 downloads in four days! In the meantime producer and remixer ‘The Beat Thief’ got in touch with Manny Moscow through Park Street PR after hearing his debut mixtape ‘Live From The Kremlin’.

After a string of talks, Moscow agreed to let the Beat Thief have a bunch of accapella’s to remix. The Beat Thief is a talented producer who has spent the last two years promoting DowntownSoul Records, the home of some of most talented UK artists such as OC Jigga, Haka and Shanakee Rap, and has more recently been making a name for himself through his work with Poetic Pilgrimage. This is the first of a trilogy of remix albums from the Beat Thief, which sees him remix and re-conceptualise a project. Here he has done this brilliantly, with bags of creativity and clever ideas and all delivered in two weeks flat! This is Hip-Hop at its best and just shows that with the effort, the inventiveness, and the focus, great things can be achieved. ‘The Russian R3volution”, with a nod to classic boom-bap, Russian Oligarchs and South London all wrapped up in one neat package as Moscow delivers his incomparable flows. Next up from Manny Moscow is a mixtape with the UK mixtape messiah DJ Ames called ‘No Games’ which drops in August, before Manny Moscow dropping his street album ‘The Boy With The Lost Flow’ with Tricksta from UK Runnings and Wolftown. Expect more from Downtown Soul and Heavy Handed in the near future…

01. Putsch (Intro)
02. Chillin Parkside
03. Phoenix Memories
04. Let’s Go
05. New Places
06. Black Da Beat (Feat Spectral)
07. Gangsters Interlude
08. Breakin Bars
09. Things On My Mind
10. M.A.N.N.Y.
11. WAR Interlude
12. Live from the Kremlin Pt 3 (Feat Maveric)
13. Da Gardener
14. Sun Stars
15. Jealousy (Feat Cookie)
16. Archangel (Outro)

Manny Moscow and The Beat Thief – The Russian R3volution


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