DJ Ames Presents Tusche Costa FREE Download

Tusche Costa,DJ Ames

Born and raised in the UK’s second city, Birmingham, Tusche Leon De Costa is of West Indian and Portuguese heritage. Tusche Costa started his music career in a seven man crew called Movemakers, doing shows in and around their city. The group eventually split up, although all members all remain close. Tusche Costa who was also known locally as a footballer player carried on developing his sound and working on crafting a unique style. He then started to network more and got introduced to other artists which aided his development before coming back as a solo artist. After a mass street altercation left him temporally blind, Tusche decided to pick up the pen and as a way to keep him out of trouble. Tusche believes this was god’s way of talking to him, so he took this energy and channeled it into the Hip-Hop art form that he had become so attached too. This would be the real turning point, the start of a new era of pure focus, dedication and determination.

In 2008 the Birmingham rapper and songwriter hooked up with the UK’s award-winning mixtape grinder DJ Ames, who hosted and mixed ‘Street Bapist’, a debut release that would indeed get the underground talking. This release featured production from his cousin, the well-respected UK producer Urban Monk who has worked with a string of acts including Baby J, Moorish Delta 7, Talvin Singh, Estelle and Akala, amongst others. Since then he was worked hard keeping his name out there on the mixtape series by featuring on mixtapes from the likes of DJ Ames and the legendary DJ Drama. Fast forward to summer 2009 and now we have the follow-up, the twelve track audio journey known to the world as ‘Crucifix’. Featuring production from E Dot Spencer, Beatbusta, Vakashu Sensei, Danari and of course, Urban Monk, this release is sure get tongues wagging in the underground yet again. Tusche Costa… listen to the music, catch the vibe and remember the name!!!

01. Crucifix
02. Holy Waterz
03. Don Da Da Spit
04. Hip-Hop Pilgrim (Produced by Beatbusta)
05. Sexy women (Produced by E Dot Spencer)
06. 2009 Freestyle
07. Rap Villain (Produced by Beatbusta)
08. Verses (Produced by Vakashi Sensei)
09. Pavement Rose (Produced by Danari)
10. All We Have Feat E Dot Spencer (Produced by E Dot Spencer)
11. Red Rivers (Produced by Urban Monk)
12. We Mixed Up Men (Produced by Urban Monk)

DJ Ames Presents Tusche Costa


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