Werd Scottish Rapper Mixtape

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Borrowed from www.bringdaruckus.com

werd scottish Rapper Mixtape

With the current S.O.S. release ‘Werd n Deeko Vol.1′ CD now on sale, and ‘The Scottish Rapper Mixtape’ is about to be released for FREE Download. BringDaRuckus caught up with Drew Devine aka ‘Werd’ from Sons of Scotland to discuss who he is, and what his new project is about.

First off, where did the name ‘Werd’ come from?
The name began as a nickname from early highschool. The thing with nicknames is you never get to choose your own, so once a kid thought of flipping my first name and calling me ‘Werd’ that was it from then on. So aye, it was never like a ‘rap name’ or anything like that, just what I’ve been called for years… call me Drew if you like, not many people do though.


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