On the Radar vol 3

The third in the series of free to download compilations compiled by Certified Banger. What more is there to say?

Well actually, loads. Representing the UK and 100% supported by all artists involved “On the Radar vol 3” is 21 tracks deep and features bare exclusives.

1. On The Radar – Reain
2. Incredible ft. Ramson Badbonez – Krate Krusaders
3. The Siesta ft. Yosh – Vee Kay
4. Say Yeah – Joe Blow (prod. by Metabeats & cuts by Stagga)
5. I’m Gunna – Dialect
6. Grip – Delegates of Culture (prod. by Toe)
7. Fear The Future – Stylah (prod. by Jon Phonics)
8. Black Rhyme – Kasha (prod. by Vivid Imagery)
9. The Positive Pessimist – Jee4ce (prod. by Whys)
10. I See ft. Profisee – Capitol 1212
11. The British Are Coming – Mr. ShaoDow
12. Leafs – Cheif Wigz (prod. by Brutal Artistry)
13. Rise To The Top – Cyclonius
14. Cannibal Rights – Baron Samedi
15. Judgement Day ft. SonnyJim, Kosyne, R.C. & LKC – JC
16. Tomorrow’s World – Ozmosis (prod. by Miss Tofelees)
17. Manchester ft. Stoney – Pockets (prod. by Pro P)
18. Grown Man Music ft. Zoo Mark, Yosh & Slippa – Mr. Loop
19. When Planets Collide – Bane & Jonny Alpha (prod. by Brutal Artistry)
20. Phenomenal – E Hustle
21. Drugs Need Kids – JVF Clique

On the Radar vol 3

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