TheUrbanShop Podcast 11

Thxs to RedFireWalker here’s another forum Ping Pong Podcast number 11. A strange mix of diverse tunes on this one but that keeps it fresh. have a listen and any thoughts pass them on

John Martyn – Big Muff
Depeche Mode – Big Muff
Freestyle – Dont Stop The Rock
Michna – Swiss Glide
Gong – I Never Glid Before
Anubian Lights – As Seen In 822 A.D.
Astral Projection – Dancing Galaxy
Suicide – Rocket U.S.A.
Orchid – Impersonating Martin Rev
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cay’s Crays (Kalbata rremix)
Aquasky vs. Masterblaster – 777 (Lucky Strike Mix)
Paul Murphy – Seven Samurai

You must join the form to listen but we dont use your details or Spam you so dont worry
Ping Pong Podcast number 11


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