Chase and Status plus Kano

biggin up the UK grime scene Chase and Status in colab with UK heavyweight (I aint a Grime artist) Kano
Borrowed from
With the rise of Dubstep, the unwillingness for D&B to end, and the persistent ability for rap to reinvent itself, UK Grime finds itself in a very fragile position. Those that aren’t aware should know that Grime is a genre of music that incorporated UK hip hop culture with UK Garage or UKG production. Grime has featured mainly artists hailing from East London, and include the likes of Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder and the self proclaimed prince of UK Grime; KANO. Check his latest contribution with power duo Chase & Status. 

Kano has always distinguished himself within the London Grime boys by translating US hip hop effectively into the UK Garage culture. Kano understands the concept of thuggery, and how it has manifested itself in Gangsta Rap here in the U.S. That is what I find disheartining with this latest colloboration with Chase & Status, the overall lightheartedness of the track; there’s really nothing thug about it.

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