Kode9 interview

in depth interview with dubstep’s Kode9 from the Hyperdub label
Borrowed from check-me-out-now.blogspot.com

I came across this Q&A: Kode9 by Philip Sherburne its pretty lengthy and deep but well worth a read, that is of course if you are interested in dubstep or should i say D-step, Hyperdub, swung beats, skippy hi-hats, an emphasis on nimble snares, rim-shots and Kode9 himself read on. It is interesting stuff!!!
It’s not an exaggeration to say that UK “bass music” — that shifting configuration of subgenres spanning UK garage, grime, dubstep, funky and still more, nameless styles — simply wouldn’t be the same without the existence of the Hyperdub label. Run by Steve Goodman (aka Kode9), Hyperdub has had its greatest success with Burial, whose ghostly, uncanny tracks hover wraithlike at the margins of genre, broadcasting vintage 2step rhythms through an ambient fog suggestive of William Basinski’s melancholic explorations.

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