TheUrbanShop LAST Podcast

Yes people it’s the LAST UrbanShop podcast but don’t fret it will be back next week under a new name, or it could be back next week under the same name knowing us as work that needs doing may not get done.

So What’s this rambling all about? As you may or may not know we are having to change our name yet again, first it was headstrong and now theurbanshop but for legal reasons out of our control we have got to change it, you can read full story here. We are not giving out our new name yet but we have a name, have bought up domains, ran it by our solicitors and done new logos, just need to swap the domain online and when that is done we will let you know not no fear has there will be a redirect so you can use the old url.

So the last TUS podcast is a CD we sponsored TheUrbanShop called Digital Revolution Volume One – Hosted by LATE and tracklisting will follow but first I want to add that next week ALL old podcasts and archived radio shows will be deleted so if there’s any you want to download get them now and, we are making this list open to all comers so they can get a feel for what we have been doing and what will follow with the name change so have a listen to the over 50 hours of podcasts and download the ones you like to your hard drive because next week they are gone for good.

01 – LATE – Intro
02 – LATE – Old Skool Bre
03 – KYZA – Dey Know
04 – SUPAR NOVAR – My Life
05 – JYAGER – Hopin’
06 – DABBLA – The Title (Prod. by MISS TOFELEES)
07 – TB – Living Proof
08 – LATE – Everyday
10 – M9 – Elijah
11 – IRONBRAYDZ – Death Machine
12 – BIG CAKES – Money Talks
13 – KING P FEAT YOGI – Won’t Stop
14 – LATE – Something To Believe In
16 – SKANDAL – Home Economics (Prod. by BEAT BUTCHA)
17 – KULEZ – Smell The Tea
18 – FATHOMLESS – Imagine
19 – DEBONAIR – Lockdown
20 – LATE – Outro (Prod. by TRICKSTA)


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