STREETZ – Handle Your Business -FREE Download


The UK’s longest running mixtape series UK RUNNINGS is back with more goodness. As well as the FREE download series ‘The Digital Revolution’, TRICKSTA has decided to do a srtring of artist based FREE download mixes too. He kicks off with a mixtape from Bristol rapper STREETZ. STREETZ, formerly known as STREET PHILIOSPHIA, has been putting it down for years and has workied with some of the biggest names in UK Hip-Hop. ‘Handle Your Business’ is a twenty-one track mixtape featuring a barrage of new material as well as production from IX LETTA, TRICKSTA & SKINT and collobarations from EASTWOOD, TYGER T and KING AGGI.

UK RUNNINGS Presents STREETZ – Handle Your Business
01 – On The Run Freestyle
02 – Haters Remix
03 – Death’s A Bitch Part 3 Remix
04 – Move Dat (Produced by IX LETTA)
05 – Funds Freestyle
06 – Freestyle
07 – Hmmmm… (Produced by TRICKSTA)
08 – See Me Die
09 – Baby Remix
10 – BEAGZ Skit
11 – Freestyle Feat EASTWOOD & TYGER T
12 – Network Gangsta’s Skit
13 – Trustin on BBC1Xtra Feat KING AGGI & TYGER T (Produced by IX LETTA)
14 – If I Die Remix
15 – We Do Tings Feat KING AGGI (Produced by SKINT)
16 – Love It Right Freestyle
17 – Radio Exclusive
18 – Freestyle Feat TYGER T
19 – Real Money Freestyle
20 – What’s The Latest Freestyle
21 – ****BONUS TRACK**** KING AGGI No Like Dem


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