Word Sound ´Ave Power – Dub Poets And Dub

Just download and listen nuf said.

01 – Jean Binta Breeze – To Plant
02 – Mutabaruka – Set De Prisoners Free
03 – Malachi Smith – Victim
04 – Tomlin Ellis – Drop It
05 – Glenville Bryan – Blood Shout
06 – Navvie Nabbie – Mr. Bigness Man
07 – Jean Binta Breeze – Aid Travels With A Bomb
08 – Oliver Smith – Signs Of The Times
09 – Mutabaruka – Out Of Many One
10 – Scientist – Fork And Hoe
11 – Scientist – Death Row
12 – Scientist – Cussing The President
13 – Scientist – Illusion
14 – Scientist – Blood Shout Dubn
15 – Scientist – Hide And Fine
16 – Scientist – Aids
17 – Scientist – Anti-Klan Dub
18 – Scientist – Land Control

Word Sound ´Ave Power – Dub Poets And Dub


One thought on “Word Sound ´Ave Power – Dub Poets And Dub

  1. Everyone knows there are million things out there that could be our desire subject for the rest or our lifes if it´s doesn´t fulfill. I just want to thank to you for this absolute and highly desire album. Here in méxico it´s difficult to obtain. I used to listen it in cassette player some 10 years ago, then i borrowed it and losted it for sure. I´ve tried to find someone who could share it or sale it, i even forgot the name of the album, thinking that was Robbie & Dunbar who made it (maybe that fact extended the time for get it at last) but finally found it and took another period to find a link.

    Thank you very much for this, and excuse me if i´ve been too long in this message. That gods give you whatever you must desire.

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